A Call for Eye Specialists to Routinely Examine Eyes Of “Vaccinated” People to Check for Eye Strokes and Thromboses

Hosted by UK Column, last Friday Doctors for Covid Ethics (“D4CE”) held their second symposium, “Sounding the Call.” The symposium comprised 15 experts in science, medicine, finance, media, and the law who spoke as they should – freely and honestly.

Dr. Carsten Stümke is a German ophthalmologist who has been practising medicine for 25 years. He specialised in ophthalmology after having taken an in interest in the subject during an academic internship in Prague as early as 1993. Dr. Stümke combines modern academic medicine with holistic approaches of taking into account the needs of each individual patient as a human being. Special emphasis is given to nutritional medicinal consulting for patients.

In his presentation, Dr. Stümke discussed four cases of small vessel disease of the retina and the optic nerve found in patients who were attending routine eye examinations. None of the patients indicated to Dr. Stümke they had experienced any problems with their vision. All four patients had received either two or three doses of Covid injections.

Dr. Stümke used three techniques to examine patients’ eyes: ophthalmoscopy, field of vision and optical coherence tomography (“OCT”).

Ophthalmoscopy or retinal examination is a test that allows an ophthalmologist, or eye doctor, to look at the back of the eye. It can be used to screen for eye diseases and conditions that can affect blood vessels.

OCT is a non-invasive medical imaging technique, using light waves, to produce images of the back of an eye (the retina). Many conditions form at the very back of the eye, and OCT allows identification of changes in, for example: the vitreous (the jelly-like substance that fills the eye); retina (the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye); macula (an area at the centre of the retina responsible for central vision); and, the optic nerve (transmits light impulses to the brain to produce the images we see).

The first case that Dr. Stümke presented was a patient who had three Covid injections: two doses of Moderna and one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech.  He observed an arterial disturbance of the optic nerve and a thinning of the retina.

In the second case the patient had been given three Pfizer-BioNTech injections. Dr. Stümke observed this patient had micro-thrombosis near the fovea.  The fovea is a tiny part of the eye’s anatomy that makes a huge difference in eyesight. Resting inside the macula, the fovea provides our absolute sharpest vision.

The third and fourth patients both had two Pfizer-BioNTech injections.  Dr. Stümke observed these patients had vein occlusions and swelling of the retina. Occlusions, or eye strokes, are when blockages occur in arteries or veins in the retina, causing vision loss.

Dr. Stümke concluded that all four patients had high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.  Patients with these diagnoses have higher risk of vascular disease in the eye and venous thrombosis in big or small vessels.

Considering the age of the patients it is possible these findings were not related to the Covid injections however, “we know that Covid vaccination also can cause vascular disease – like venous thrombosis of the vessels in the brain or gastrointestinal tract – and also stokes and heart attacks,” he said, “None of these patients complained of any symptoms … but the abnormal findings in the eye are clearly visible … this is remarkable.”  Dr. Stümke on average only sees these diagnoses once a year but “these four clinical cases … all appeared within a time period of only five weeks!”

Dr. Stümke appealed to all ophthalmologists to look for these conditions post-Covid injection, especially in those attending routine visits and who are not aware of any problems, and report any cases to public health agencies.

In the video clip below Prof. Michael Palmer introduces and, after Dr. Stümke’s presentation, briefly discusses the findings in relation to what is known about Covid injections.

Dr. Carsten Stümke: Eye-opening revelations from eye-doctors, An Interdisciplinary Symposium II – Sounding the Call,
10 December 2021 (10 mins)

The Symposium II “Sounding the Call” program details, as well as short biographies of the participants, can be found HERE and you can watch the full 4-hour symposium HERE.  Dr. Stümke’s presentation begins at 00:51:11.

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