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British angry that Number 10 was partying while families separated for Christmas 2020


The Tweets above from the BBC’s Lewis Goodall who is filming in Shropshire reinforces the view that the Number 10 party story is really cutting through to the public and this should be worrying ministers.

Most people, I’d suggest, have a clear memory of what happened to their Christmas last year and how plans to meet with loved ones had to be abandoned. This contrasts sharply with the apparent breach of last year’s strict lockdown rules by Johnson and his team. While the rules were being issued from on high this did not constrain the festivities for the PM and his team.

Each new detail of what is said to have happened makes things worse and surely the PM and his advisors should have worked out at the time that this would eventually be made public.

A big question is whether this is one of those things that will stick in people’s memories or will it just get quietly forgotten. My guess is the former.

We’ve seen in the past 24 hours a marked shift in the voting polls. LAB is now 4-6% ahead in the three latest surveys.

We’ll get a real test of opinion from Shropshire next Thursday

The Number 10 party story is really cutting through to voters


11 Responses to “British angry that Number 10 was partying while families separated for Christmas 2020”

  1. Aldous says:

    The cancelled Downing Street Christmas ‘Party’ is back on – but it’s now going to be a WAKE!

    Boris is ‘banged up’ in The Tower awaiting execution for being a PM (Prick Minister but QE2 has had a change of heart and given him a reprieve – or so QE2 thinks…

    “I wish to God all strifes were settled so. My dutiful vegetables and Tory dimwits, I do beseech you to bring The Fat Controller and all-round Lard Ass to your grace as I have.”

    Why, Ma’am, have I offered love and duty for this?
    Who knows not that the Fat Controller and all-round Lard Ass is dead?

    (There is general consternation and disbelief.)

    “Who knows not he is dead?’ Who knows he is?”

    (Exchange of worried looks.)

    Is The Fat Controller and all-round Lard Ass dead? The order was reversed!

    But he, wretched man, by your first order died and that a winged Mercury did bear.
    Some tardy cripple bore the countermand.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Politics is run by the intelligence services so presumably the film was released to fit an agenda.

    • nixon scraypes says:

      Yes, and they’ll all go and vote for Tri- lateralist Starmer, who’ll do a proper lockdown and keep all the little boys and girls safe.

  3. Aldous says:

    @ Tap and nixon scraypes:
    Puppet Starmer is part of the LibLabCon-trick (one controlled party with three meaningless names) and is an Israeli Firster (like Fat Controller) that is married to a Jewess and brings his family up in the Jewish faith. Totally unfit for office.
    I think he ‘took the knee’ for BLM which just about says it all. A career opportunist.

  4. Aldous says:

    Black Lives Matter: Keir Starmer takes knee… 5:02 – includes comments

  5. Occams says:

    Why did ANYONE listen to these phonies from the start!? THEY’RE POLITICIANS!! What do you think they do!

    What? They lie all the time, but ‘this time they’re telling the truth’ ???

    My god. People are soooooooo easy to dupe. I loved the lockdown. Did everything I normally do – just without all the idiots around me. What a treat.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Ha ha, yes Occams very true

      “THEY’RE POLITICIANS!! What do you think they do!”

      Exactly it. Most folk used to know that politician and governments are totally untrustworthy, that they are professional liars, that they would sell their grandmother for an advance or advantage

      It never ceased to amaze me during the scamdemic that the covidians would hang on every word of these bloated psychos, the politicians and so called “scientists” and “medical experts”. They’d tune into their regular pronouncements and analyse every word as though it came down from God. The power of mind control in direct action. Quite incredible

      And all the time it was patently obvious that they were lying through their back teeth

      • Occams says:

        Sadly, if it WERE ‘patently obvious’, this would have never gotten any traction. It IS – was – ‘patently obvious’ to about…..3%? 5%?, now growing (finally) in many, many countries (a bit more in the US, but what would one expect from Amerikans? Generally the last to ‘get it’ – but it defies credulity that AUSSIES are putting up with camps and the nonsense were getting reports of).

        I’m noticing more and more mask wearing – again. Especially the ubiquitous Beta Male here in ‘Man Diego’, CA (which many are beginning to suspect is the Mordor of the ‘Borc’ – Beta Orc – birthing area).

        My friend, a pro-fighter, who (also) ‘never wore a mask’ – except in every business he went into, the gym, restaurants, banks, shopping, and because his girlfriend was SO freaked out she wouldn’t go out with him unless he masked.

        But he was proud he never wore a mask!

        AND he claimed; ‘No one will put up with this again’.


        Oh, yea. AND he once told me that my NEVER wearing a mask was because I was trying to be a ‘somebody’.

        Wow. And maybe it was just about my choice and my health? And not listening to and following ‘mandates’ from liars?

        It’s too bad sooooooo few – even cops – don’t understand a ‘mandate’ is an agreement between parties. If one doesn’t agree, then there is no mandate, nor any enforcement thereof.

        Cheers, all

    • ian says:

      Occams and pete, completely agree with you both.

  6. Mick says:

    They can only play us around like this with Starmer because they’ve captured the election process and put in what results they want. Had they not captured it we would never vote for another Blair, who if he’d been honest would have called his party New Converstive. But now voting is rigged they’ll do polls and so on to appear as though Starmer won, who’ll not only be another Tory, but like Blair will do some things the Tories couldn’t have got away with.