Workers Of England fight back

No jab, no job is an affront to a free society:

How you can fight back – The Conservative Woman

THIS week thousands of care workers said goodbye to their jobs, their financial security, their profession and their futures. They also said anguished goodbyes to the care home residents they’d been looking after in some instances for years, not knowing what would become of them or how they’d be treated in view of these mandated catastrophic staff shortages.

An article in TCW to share.
The Workers of England Union (WEU) is the only Union fighting and standing up for workers’ rights. Bravo.
via Bridget Vickers – English Democrat Daily Update
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5 Responses to “Workers Of England fight back”

  1. ian says:

    The PTB are only too happy to create a shortage of care staff for those who need it, the, (their words, useless eaters). No nurses, or Doctors for the NHS which they obviously wish to destroy. No supply staff for the goods to enable us cockroaches to survive. Not to worry, we’re only vermin anyway. I’d happily give up everything if Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab are ok, bless them.

  2. Tapestry says:

    All the witnesses to last year’s cull of old people in homes need to be removed from circulation.

  3. nixon scraypes says:

    This could get serious, my partner, post stroke, is in a nursing home and it’s hard not to notice that staffing is thinner now. Many new faces and not particularly pleasant ones at that. It’s very worrying.