5 Responses to “Why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper?”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    I can’t see how to obtain that list from the link you provided Weaver [http://www.vigiaccess.org/]

    The covid 19 vaxx is the only one that accepts a general description, as per the front page of the site. So I was able to verify 2,526,133 for this year for covid vaxx, with a couple of thousand more for last year. Also, of that 2.5 mill then, 1.5 mill are “General disorders and administration site conditions”. Which seem to be very minor when you drill down into the database]

    But all the others require a “trade name” of the drug. So I’ve no way of checking any of the others

    So I’ve no way to replicate the list as it stands

    This makes me think that your source must have done all that work elsewhere because you’ve shown us a full table. So can you link your source please?


  2. Weaver says:

    Hello Pete, I got the article from here originally,
    I believe you are right in as much as the table looks as if it was made from the stats from vigiaccess.org. I put into the search bar the exact words on this list on vigiaccess.org site and it came up with drop-down menus one of them is ADR reports per year. This information gives the figures for the years but I believe whoever has made the above chart added those years together for each vaccine or drug name to put into the chart. I have just put in Mumps Vaccine and added up the total count under the ADR reports per year and it equates to the same result as the chart so I believe this was the correct source of the information. I hope this offers clarity?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks very much Weaver, yes it does

      Both of us verified one of the lines on the WHO document then, which is comforting. I did a few others too, influenza, asprin, tylenol, polio and tetanus and they were all accurate as well [slightly higher mainly probs due to the passage of more days]

      So it looks like the figures are correct and your question is very appropriate: Why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper?

      We all know the answer to that don’t we

      Keep up the good work
      Best wishes

  3. Weaver says:

    To make it easier for the reader under the description of each Vaccine or product eg Ivermectin will give the total number of records retrieved without having to add up the years. For 2021 these numbers may change as we still have to complete the year. The above chart was updated on 12th November 2021.