‘We Are Lab Rats’: Israeli Vaccine Victims Want Their Lives Back (Film)

Andy Mek – RAIR Foundation Nov 26, 2021

Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the ‘The Testimonies Project” to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the damage done by the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections.

“I want my life back, but there is no turning back,” says a desperate Israeli woman. The coronavirus “vaccination,” which is mandatory in Israel, has destroyed her life. So Israeli journalist Avital Livny created the “The Testimonies Project” film to expose what the mainstream is hiding: the victims’ who the mRNA DNA gene-therapy injections have damaged.

Citizens want to keep going to the synagogue, going to work, being free. Now because of the mandatory vaccine, they can’t do all this anymore. Unvaccinated citizens are being pressured, coerced, threatened with loss of their jobs, and issued steep fines if they do not consent. Recently, RAIR Foundation USA reported on military recruits who were intimidated and physically abused by military officers trying to administer the jab.

Many who succumbed to the state’s “vaccine” pressure suffer severe side effects and damage to their lives from the injection. At the same time, others are left mourning the death of people who have died because of the jab.

“I’m The Injection’s Side Effects”

In The Testimonies Project film, thirty-six people discuss the effects of the injection on their bodies from myocarditis, miscarriages, blood clots, vaginal bleeding, skin problems, neurological issues, 100% disability, death, and more.

“I’m 27; I’ve always worked. Now I have heart disease. Why is this happening to me?” complains a young man. “I had a miscarriage – the walls and stairs were full of blood,” says a mother who lost her second child to the experimental jab.

A man lost his son. Healthy young women who are now 100% disabled: “We are lab rats. It is an international catastrophe!” explains a horrified woman.

Watch the following film, providing a platform for those affected by the gene injection and ensuring their voices are heard. We hope this project will encourage more and more people to tell their stories:


‘We Are Lab Rats’: Israeli Vaccine Victims Want Their Lives Back (Film)


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      Yes Occams, Israelis won’t get a lot of sympathy from many people.