Wayne Smith | The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower

Wayne Smith | The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower

This video of Wayne Smith, talking about the death of his father and his investigations into the Midazolam Murders in the UK, was originally downloaded from Peer Tube and is re-published under the doctrines of Fair Use and Fair Dealing.

The information he cogently presents is an echo of the allegations made in the Midazolam Murders case, which is currently being prepared for laying in a Magistrates Court, following the coming forward of multiple eye witnesses to these heinous crimes.

However, after making his harrowing testimony public, Wayne Smith was subsequently found dead in somewhat suspicious circumstances last summer and his death has allegedly been recorded as a COVID-19 fatality.

If you are a Midazolam Murders whistle-blower and wish to submit a witness statement in the aforementioned criminal case, please get in touch via one of the following platforms.

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Wayne Smith | The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower


One Response to “Wayne Smith | The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower”

  1. Aldous says:

    I assume that ‘Midazolam Murders’ is a ‘play’ on the long-running UK TV series Midsomer Murders? I mention it because I was lent a DVD set of early episodes a while back and quite enjoyed watching them – though I’m not sure I would want to live in a village where so many people are regularly getting ‘topped’ and I might be next on the list of suspects.
    From memory, the detective also starred in a Channel Islands TV series.
    Midsomer Murders has its place in notoriety because the producer was ‘leaned upon’ to make it more ‘diverse’ as it was ‘too White’ so to speak.
    When he stated that (1960s?) village life was almost exclusively White and I think repeated this in public, he was suspended, then reinstated but eventually quit the series.
    I just about remember growing up in post war-torn Britain and first hearing the term ‘Paki-bashing’. I didn’t understand it because I never once saw an Asian or Black person. If they were around, they certainly kept a very low profile as to be virtually invisible. The only trouble I ever witnessed was locals bashing each other outside the pubs – which were everywhere before the TV slime-box came along – when I was too young to understand drinking to excess and falling out with one’s own shadow over nothing.
    Those were the days. They don’t know they’re born today.
    Aldous Comes Home 3:11

    Fossil Fuels are being demonized and alternatives like wind farms, solar power, etc are hopelessly inadequate to keep the lights on and people warm and alive in Winter. We need oil and coal. Electric cars for crying out loud!
    I understand all new-build UK housing now has to be built with a car charging point!? Unbelievable. I’ll stick with my unleaded gas-driven vehicle.