US Children’s Hospitals Now Overwhelmed with Infant Cardiac Patients BY CAPTAINDARETOFLY ON NOVEMBER 10, 2021

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Investigative reporter Steve Kirsch has written an article stating that children’s hospitals across the United States are filling up with newborn babies that have serious cardiac issues, all because their mothers received the Covid-19 vaccine.

An email Kirsch received claims that one hospital’s three NICUs (neonatal ICUs) are all completely full of newborn patients. All of the babies are from mothers who are fully vaccinated, a nurse confirmed from their records, though hospital staff are not allowed to ask directly about the vaccination status of the mothers.

The email stated: “Because this is a third- or fourth-hand rumour, I would ordinarily try to confirm it before sharing with anyone.

“But my initial Internet searches came up empty, and I worry that this is the sort of thing that might be effectively suppressed for quite a while by those in control of our largest hospitals – especially the ones currently busy firing doctors and nurses who refuse vaccination.”

Considering that the US is around 9 months into the vaccination programme began, it seems that the world is only just seeing the impact of the jabs on babies born to vaccinated mothers.

The email went on to state: “I was wondering whether it might be worth sharing with some of the Unity Project’s scientific/medical advisor doctors who may have contacts ‘on the inside’ of large hospitals with NICUs, so long as they could be trusted to discretely investigate without risking their or our credibility by outing the story prior to confirmation.

“If this rumour could be confirmed and revealed, it could potentially, by itself, turn the tide of this war.”

In his article, Kirsch asked for doctors to get in touch, read his work and comment on the letter’s claims, either to challenge or confirm them. In response, hundreds of people got in touch and shared their experiences.

One person said that they have seen several articles published recently confirming that ICUs are “jam-packed” with sick and dying patients, many of whom are forced to sit in hallways due to there being no more beds available.

This person added: “Rooms are full of patients with NON-COVID symptoms, i.e., they aren’t there because of covid. The suspected cause is secondary effects of the vaccine.

“The question here is how many of these patients will soon be infants? The media and the medical community will not step up and tell you this. It will come from the fed-up grassroots of us who are more fearful of this government than of COVID.”

Another person wrote about how it has been “clearly established” that the rate of spontaneous abortions has skyrocketed since the vaccines started being administered to pregnant women.

“My daughter-in-law, who is unvaccinated and just delivered, was told by her doctor to not get the vaccine during her pregnancy because her last three patients all had miscarriages right after receiving it,” this person explained.

“I think Mr. Kirsch has provided notable caveats to the sourcing until better confirmed, but anyone following COVID vaccine research isn’t at all surprised. It will be confirmed.”

Other people questioned the email that Kirsch, wondering whether it is legitimate, suggesting it could be “poisoned bait” from “controlled opposition.” Whilst this could be possible, there does appear to be an uptake in infant and newborn hospitalisations now that the Covid vaccines are being widely administered.

“It’s not just about the newborns with cardiac problems,” noted another about how older children are also being damaged by the jabs. “How many times do we need to see young people getting mysterious heart attacks at the same time before people start becoming remotely curious?”



4 Responses to “US Children’s Hospitals Now Overwhelmed with Infant Cardiac Patients BY CAPTAINDARETOFLY ON NOVEMBER 10, 2021”

  1. ian says:

    I know it contains the sentence, “Because this is a third- or fourth-hand rumour, I would ordinarily try to confirm it before sharing with anyone.”
    Given what we already see happening, I feel that it’s worth keeping in mind.

  2. Aldous says:

    The ‘CAPTAINDARETOFLY’ author caught my attention as much as the article.
    My missus just told me about an ‘incident’ on (I think) a United Airline’s plane on approach to somewhere or other.
    The jabbed captain (L/H seat) had a seizure or something shortly after establishing on the ILS a few miles out from the airport. The Co-pilot/First Officer is then supposed to have squawked 7700 – in flight emergency code from the plane’s transponder unit alerting air traffic control via their SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) system and screens. I already find this story a tad suspicious. Why would the (now pilot in command and control) co-pilot do that? Instead, just inform air traffic that the captain has been incapacitated and to have an ambulance standing by. Seems simple enough to me. But it gets even more interesting.
    The co-pilot is then supposed to have got out of his seat to assist the captain! Bear in mind that this aircraft is full of passengers and on long-final approach. Sure enough it’s on Autoland but I can’t think of any pilot that would do that. Throwing away the approach and going-around might have been a better option, as a good landing is rarely achieved by a flawed approach. Autoland can drop out at any time.
    There is no mention of ‘is there a doctor on board’ or the cabin crew being called to the flight deck. The story seems totally bizarre.
    The co-pilot is alleged to have been suspended for leaving his seat during an in-flight emergency.
    Are we being ‘played’ here? I think so.

    • ian says:

      Hi Aldous, yes likely a dubious source, just because of the subject matter, thought it worth a share.

  3. Aldous says:

    The German Wings crash is another load of bollox. The captain is alleged to have got up to ‘take a leak’ during a mere 2 hour flight and was then locked out from the flight deck while the supposed suicidal co-pilot flew into a mountain.