Three by elections. Oppose the insane pandemic agenda.


An opportunity is coming which the English Democrats simply must grab with both hands. A double – or even triple – parliamentary by-election is set to give us the chance to position the party as THE electoral vehicle for growing public unease about the Johnson regime’s covid tyranny, climate tax ramps and refusal to get a grip on illegal migration across the English Channel.

We will be contesting the heavily pro-Brexit constituency of Old Bexley & Sidcup, where a by-election is due following the death of the sitting member, the unlamented Remainiac James Brokenshire. This is now almost certain to be on the same day as the vote in Southend West to replace Sir David Amess after his ‘alleged’ murder by a Jihadi terrorist of Somali origin.

We are standing so OUR people will have not be deprived of a voice

Labour and the LibDems have both said that they will not oppose whoever the Tories parachute into the seat. For all the very proper revulsion over the murder and sympathy for the victim, this threatens to deprive voters of their right to a proper election. It also helps the Johnson regime evade scrutiny of, and responsibility for, its catastrophically damaging and dangerous policies.


On top of these two definite by-elections, it is increasingly likely that there will be a third, if the disgraced Labour MP for Leicester East is jailed for harassment and for threats to hurl acid over a love-rival. Claudia Webbe, who replaced the equally disgraced Keith Vaz, is facing growing pressure to resign rather than be forced out by a recall vote. She is due to be sentenced on November 4th.

It is crucial that we all rally around the Flag of St George and this party at this crucial time!

The English Democrats will be standing to restore the democratic balance, and to give the voters in each constituency a REAL choice. In turn, the Post Office freepost system will give us the right to drop hard-hitting leaflets to every door. That will be around 150,000 Truth Bombs about the lockdown/forced vaxx tyranny and Tory dishonesty over their treacherous facilitation of mass immigration.


We are lining up high profile candidates to help us take advantage of this great opportunity. The Southend West seat gives us a very real chance of taking second place. Such a result, for a candidate opposing Johnson’s insane green taxes and totalitarian pandemic agenda, really will make people sit up and take notice.

But to seize this fantastic opportunity, we have to move FAST. To do the job justice, we need £3,000 per constituency, plus another £1,000 on top for extra campaign material to use in all three of them. That’s £10,000 needed at least . Not on polling day, or when the election date is announced, but NOW! Because to do a proper job, we need our war-chest replenished right away, leaving us free to concentrate on the campaign itself.

I need to know if I can count on you today. Please send whatever you can afford by clicking HERE:


Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

TAP – I sent £100