1. ian says:

    Switzerland will likely be spared the big cull, for a couple of reasons. Firstly the Rothschilds live there, and secondly, everyone must serve in the home defence force and is allowed to keep a rifle and ammunition. The will still need to demonstrate though, to make it look good.

  2. David 2 says:


    I posted this as I could hear the drums of war, people were disciplined and the mark had formation.

    I do not think that the Shadow government cares about the people of Switzerland or anywhere else.

    People have to say enough and then hold the perpetrators to account.

    These demonstrators gave the impression that they are not going to be messed with. However I suspect the docile majority will conform and be slow to wake up.

    However when you hear the drums beat, it changes your perception.

    There is still plenty of hope.

  3. ian says:

    No probs Captain Mainwaring.

  4. ian says:

    D2, we are going the way of China. How do you think Chinese authorities would react to drummer boys.

  5. David 2 says:

    I live near Nice and have been there when people are marching. The drums which accompany the march are very intimidating. They impose feeling of dread and cannot be ignored.

    I suspect the same would apply to an enemy on the battlefield.

    As for China, they went with legalism in 221 BC, which led to the dictatorship of Ch’in with the tightest regimentation of life and thought in Chinese history. They rejected legalism after 15 years and went back to humanism where people and not authoritarians come first.

    The present regime in China has implemented not only legalism but added debt monetarism under the thumb of the Rothschilds. The Peoples Bank of China is part of the Rothschild banking cartel with its HQ in Switzerland. they also own the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve and about sixty other central banks.

    Just maybe the people in China faced with a bond collapse and food shortages will tell the authorities to shove their authoritarian system up their *ss!

    We are living in interesting times and when sufficient people wake up it will be Nuremberg 2.0

    • ian says:

      Like the people in the Bolshevik revolution or the Ukrainian Holodomor. The Cambodians under Pol pot, all they needed were drums? I never realised.

      • David 2 says:

        Sounds like a strategy that might have worked.

        All they needed to do were to continually beat drums! Never let the elitist bastards sleep and wear them down. Then march them off to Nuremberg trials.

        If only all problems were so easy to solve!

        Thanks Ian, that was a brilliant suggestion!

  6. David 2 says:

    Listen to the video again, those drums are pretty intimidating.

    All that is missing is a gallows!!