1. ian says:

    The advice given, lacks common sense. Let’s suppose you could recruit, organise and train 50, 100, how many people whilst keeping it secret, then arrest all the doctors, nurses, police, tv crews and staff, newspaper staff, and government officials, good luck.

    we are approx 10% of the population, and the 90% would view us as a gang of maniacs, and no doubt fight us. The Doctors and nurses are busy just now. The police would declare an emergency and authorise lethal force to stop it.

    This is doomed to failure.

    • David 2 says:

      I agree with you that the time may not be right for arrests, but it will come.

      It will eventually become apparent that the vaccine has created the virus mutations and it is a bioweapon. That cannot be a very easy truth to accept if you have been vaccinated.

      They blame the unvaccinated while they know that the vaccine does not stop covid. They also are being faced with getting booster shots or they become the unvaccinated. Such a dichotomy cannot be easy for people empowered with reason. Homo sapiens does ask questions and seeks to find satisfactory answers.

      Once cause and effect and the agenda for totalitarian control become more obvious. The brain fog will clear.

      It is a process, some of us have been blessed to have woken up before subjecting ourselves to the shot.

      The good friar is impatient. However he is sowing the seed for future action.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “The advice given, lacks common sense.”

      What he proposes might be feasible if say 90% of the population were wide awake and fully aware of what’s happening, but if that were the case, there would be no need for any of it. They’d be running for their lives as they damn well should be now.

      However I did like his introduction where he clearly explains what we and a few others have been loudly advocating for a long time now: why relying on, or wasting one’s hopes in the corrupt courts and the law, writing letters to lying & treasonous politicians and circulating worthless petitions etc., is all GUARANTEED to fail.
      Because it’s what far too many on our side still don’t get and probably never will. I don’t know why – it couldn’t be more obvious.

      • ian says:

        Yes Alan, there were good points too. The guy had an understanding of the real situation, it was just that I can’t imagine a few civilians successfully arresting the government and police etc.