3 Responses to “Social Engineering Via TV Commercials.”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    All you need is a TV broadcasting station and the world is yours.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      That’s sums it all up succinctly Nixon. It is quite noticeable that the wide awake club shuns the ubiquitous tv, especially the tv “news”. The normies hoover it up and suffer accordingly. TV is utter mind rot and long term exposure is positively dangerous for everyone exposed to it

      I recently read a superb book:
      Tavistock Institute – Social Engineering the Masses, by Daniel Estulin, published by Trine Day of Oregon

      The fifth chapter is called “Television” and it lays it all out for you with great clarity. This quote is from the first paragraph of that chapter:

      “The biggest hypnotist in the world is an oblong box in the corner of the room that tells people what to believe. The television, with it’s reach into everyone’s home creates the basis for the mass brainwashing of citizens as we will see in this chapter. You may not realize it, yet, but your mind is being shaped and moulded every time you turn on the one-eyed baby sitter”

      The whole chapter is quite stunning in its scope and detail, 50 odd pages that are worth the price of the book on their own

      That’s right folks, don’t touch that dial!

      • ian says:

        Spot on pete. I read “Necessary Illusions”, subtitled “Thought control in a democratic society”. Written by Noam Chomsky.

        Within the book, an unnamed presidential advisor says, ” Be under no illusion, the role of government is to serve corporate power, and the ruling elite. The role of the media, is to control the ignorant and stupid masses”.

        I often quote it.