4 Responses to “POPUP C*NTS”

  1. ian says:

    Did you think that they’d just STOP!!!

    The’ve got about as many adults as they’re gonna get, and were gonna be left with a whole heap of orphans. Better off getting them too, by the looks of it. that’s how it looks.

  2. David 2 says:

    Why do you think that they indoctrinate the vaccinated to blame the unvaccinated? It is to divide us!

    It is becoming clear that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated need to unite. That way the eugenics programme can be stopped.

    I honestly think that both groups need to take a weekly ivermectin pill to halt the spread.

    Then we need to turn on the tyrants and seek justice for their crimes against humanity.

    • ian says:

      Is that so David? You want to watch that you don’t get bumped off, as you’re obvious leadership material.

  3. BenBecula says:

    Just who is this David2 geezer, where’s he come from all of a sudden? Who can post material to this site? anyone?