Pfizer says using its Covid Pill with HIV Drug cuts the risk of Death by up to 89%

Is this an admission that the Covid Vaccines cause Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome?

Pfizer is conducting a new study with 2634 participants into the efficacy of its PF-07321332 protease inhibitor drug in multi drug combination with HIV drug Ritonavir, against recent Covid-19 infection in the unvaccinated.

A Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Study of PF-07321332/Ritonavir in Adult Household Contacts of an Individual With Symptomatic COVID-19 –

Ritonavir is 1 of the 4 potent synthetic HIV protease inhibitors, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 1995 and 1997, that have revolutionised HIV therapy” – –

By a concerned reader

Pfizer excluded HIV positive people and pregnant woman etc. from the study. So here is Pfizer using an HIV drug to tackle Covid-19.

Pfizer say that: “Co-administration with a low dose of Ritonavir helps slow the metabolism, or breakdown, of PF-07321332 in order for it to remain active in the body for longer periods of time at higher concentrations to help combat the virus” –

That is true because Ritonavir is known to be a good CYP3A inhibitor and the body uses the CYP3A pathway to breakdown drugs like PF-07321332. But Pfizer are omitting to state the primary purpose of Ritonavir, which is that of a well established FDA approved Protease inhibitor used to treat HIV.

Ritonavir has TWO functions. It itself Inhibits proteases (enzymes which break down proteins) just as PF-07321332 does, and it inhibits the CYP3A pathway.

So if we permit ourselves to say what Pfizer refuse to say in their present sales blurb, but which is glaringly obvious from the great success of protease inhibitors as HIV therapies, then we realise that HIV protease inhibitors slow down Covid viral replication themselves. The trial claims 89% efficacy in reducing hospitalisation or death in Covid patients

“Pfizer’s Novel COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Treatment Candidate Reduced Risk of Hospitalization or Death by 89% in Interim Analysis of Phase 2/3 EPIC-HR Study” Their press release of November 5, linked above, declared.

So HIV drugs are very effective against Covid. So Covid and HIV are closely related. So Covid is like HIV in functionality since it is inhibited by an HIV drug and by the precise same class of drugs used to treat HIV (protease inhibitors).

The vaccines cause your body to produce the toxic spike protein part of Covid. These spike proteins contain the furin cleavage site from HIV1. So it is absolutely to be expected that both Covid and the vaccines will damage your immune system in a similar manner to HIV, causing a new type of AIDS. In fact Pfizer have just demonstrated that with their clinical trial results. But have been extremely careful not to draw that conclusion themselves.

Billing an HIV drug as a metabolic breakdown inhibitor for PF-07321332, is like billing a Ferrari with an in car stereo as a compact music system.

Indeed, I would suggest that the precise opposite of what Pfizer is saying could be the case. It may be that the anti-HIV drug Ritonavir is 89% effective in treating Covid and that the imaginatively named PF-07321332 is only there to disguise that revelation and to slow down the metabolism by the body of Ritonavir. Pfizer are calling the combination PAXLOVID.

So we are now in the position that Pfizer’s actions by including the post heart attack drug Tromethamine (Tris) in their 5-11 year old children’s vaccine formulation ( page 14) and by demonstrating the 89% clinical efficacy of the anti HIV drug Ritonavir on Covid, reveal that vaccines cause heart attacks in children and that Covid (which infects through the spike protein of the vaccines) has the functionality of HIV and therefore causes a form of AIDS in all age groups.

AIDS is a progressive disease. So a 2-3 week Covid infection will not result in AIDS. But a continual Covid spike protein production caused by vaccines genetically reprogramming your cells in an irreversible manner, will give AIDS the time it needs to develop as has been demonstrated by the following Expose articles…