NHS Test and Trace Is Changing To “Test, Trace and Contain”

They are not planning for this “pandemic” to end any time soon. On 17 November the UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) published that a contract had been awarded to Accenture (UK) Limited for a “Trace, Contain & RTTS Delivery partner.”  RTTS is the acronym for “Real Time Test Service.” 

The contract value is £10,800,000 to £25,400,000 and it runs for three and a half years, from 29 October 2021 to 29 April 2025. It is for processing Test and Trace (“T&T”) data for UKHSA’s employees, visitors, business partners, suppliers, customers, potential customers and all the aforementioned’s employees. Data processing activities include: analysing, storing, copying and sharing data with third parties as instructed by UKHSA.

Services provided under the contract specifically relate to RTTS including “in support of COVID Certification.”

UKHSA was established in April 2021 and became fully operational on 1 October.  It was created to integrate and replace NHS T&T and Public Health England (PHE) but also includes the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) and the Centre for Pandemic Preparedness.   “The UKHSA will bring together our national public health science and response capabilities, including cutting edge analytics and genomic surveillance, strengthening our national defences against all health hazards,” the Department of Health & Social Care (“DHSC”) stated when announcing the change.

According to a UK Public Accounts Committee article published in March 2021, in May last year NHS T&T was set up with a budget of £22 billion. “The £22 billion for test and trace is about the annual budget of the Department for Transport,” Meg Hillier MP said.

Since then, NHS T&T has been allocated £15 billion more: totalling £37 billion over two years. The DHSC “justified the scale of investment, in part, on the basis that an effective test and trace system would help avoid a second national lockdown – but since its creation we have had two more lockdowns,” the Public Accounts Committee wrote.

This is not the first T&T contract awarded or extended this year. In June Serco was awarded a fresh contract with the DHSC and on 23 August 2021, IBM was awarded a contract extension to provide its “Strategic Trace Solution” to the NHS T&T service for England which is expected to end in November 2023.

Accenture also has an ongoing contract with DHSC T&T, extended on 9 August 2021 for an additional year. At the time, Accenture was the third-highest ranked consultancy on the T&T spending list, after Deloitte and IBM.

Accenture’s extended contract is in addition to the contract signed with UKHSA a few days ago.  What makes the latest contract different to the previous one is that it includes “contain” as well as “test and trace.”

What does “contain” mean?  The answer lies in the glossary on page 19 of the order form from the Crown Commercial Service.

There are a couple of other definitions in the order form glossary worth highlighting: Daily contact testing (“DCT”) and Integrated Tracing System (“ITS”).

DCT suggests an alternative to self-isolation while ITS is a Salesforce system underpinning contact tracing as well as “international and border solutions.”

Daily contact testing – testing regime whereby citizens who have been identified as contacts of cases can take regular tests in lieu of self-isolating. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/daily-contact-testing-study

Integrated Tracing System – the name for the Salesforce based Domestic contact tracing system being developed and rolled out to replace the existing contract tracing system used since the start of the pandemic. The term is also used to describe the common Salesforce platform that underpins Domestic contact tracing, Enquiries, feedback & complaints and International & borders solutions.

Crown Commercial Service Order Form

The “Outline Implementation Plan” is on pages 36 to 39.  Below are images of the plan as outlined in UKHSA’s document.

The entire plan has been redacted, including the footer and page number on the last page – perhaps an indication of their eagerness the public did not get to see a word of it.

On page 46 is information regarding processing, personal data and data subjects: “The primary purpose of the processing undertaken within the system is to provide the Services in order to provide a reliable and robust system to help identify, contain and control coronavirus, reducing the spread of the virus.”

To do this they apparently need educational and professional certifications, identification number, ethnic origin and “data concerning health.”

And who will be subjected to this invasion of privacy and lack of control over their personal data?  Everyone UKHSA could possibly catch in their net, stopping just short of taking samples and collecting data from anyone who happens to be walking down the street.

Crown Commercial Service Order Form, page 47 and 48
Note: “Buyer” is defined as UKHSA

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11 Responses to “NHS Test and Trace Is Changing To “Test, Trace and Contain””

  1. ian says:

    Very interesting Weaver. Today in SW Scotland, in an Aldi, I was challenged by a member of the public for not wearing a mask. A fat old man with a crutch and a mask balanced on the front of yellow stained beard, probably due to smoking, shouted, “Here’s another, that doesn’t know you have to wear a mask in Scotland”. I replied, “I’m exempt, mind your own business”., He said, “It is my business”. I said “No it’s fkn not”. At which point he wandered away chuntering on to himself.
    Another 4 or more years of dealing with the living dead, definitely doesn’t fill me with excitement.

    • emm jay says:

      Good for you ian. Shuffling off with no backup as to why it was ‘his business’, lol. It’s bad enough dealing with the braindead, ignorant, twilight zoned strangers who know diddly squat about jack shit … and worse when dealing with people you’ve known for years and thought you knew them pretty damn well. A retired teacher friend I’ve known for years, would regularly ask me what natural remedies I’d suggest to take for minor complaints etc. She was so keen to keep away from the docs, ‘ooh they don’t care about you and they do more harm than good’. Yet she was on the front row getting her two injections, oh and a flu jab to boot. Their mentality is completely beyond me. Then there are those whom I would’ve bet my life would not take the experiment … but have. The only test and trace needed for these people imo, is for any sign of brain activity.

      • ian says:

        It can be quite trying emm. Even people who know and trust you, won’t trust you on this, the most obvious bunch of lies ever. My little sister, my favourite, we get on great. I sent her loads of good info, yet she gave in to family pressure and is fully vaxxed. Her fit, healty, non smoking non drinking keep fit salad eating husband is knackered now with heart problems. I don’t want to tell them now, as it’ll seem like a told you so. Not easy to deal with.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I went to the car servicing garage this morning. I walked past the desk demanding a temperature be taken etc. Another customer picked up the temperature laser gun and pointed it at my head. I said to her, ‘don’t you ever do that again,. You’ll damage someone’s eyesight’. She walked out into the carpark without speaking, clearly completely confused..

  3. Aldous says:

    @Tap and Ian. It’s very sinister why they are aiming these temperature guns at the forehead and not just using the wrist where a much more accurate reading can be taken. Apart from eye damage (as you mention) if it is misdirected. the all important pineal gland in the centre of the brain is susceptible to damage by this sort of thing – which is why it is where it is – and is probably the main target of these temperature guns being used in this way. The psychological damage – especially to young ones – of seeing these temperature guns being aimed and held up close to the forehead (including their own) cannot be overestimated.

    It’s the same with this damn (and utterly pointless and immensely harmful from a physical health aspect alone) mask/face covering/diaper wearing. The effect it’s having on toddlers who have been born into this Covidhoax and see mask wearing as the ‘norm’ is frightening and the mental damage incalculable.

    As for the silly – you can’t fix stupid – woman who grabbed the temperature gun and aimed it at you, what on earth was she doing picking up a piece of company equipment when she wasn’t even an employee? She better not try it around here where she is almost certain to be sent to meet her Maker by a modern version of the Colt Peacemaker.
    Staff in Aldi should have intervened and sent the old man on his way with a polite flea in his ear that not all disabilities are visible anyway and he shouldn’t take it upon himself to foolishly and naively police mask wearing. That’s the business of employees if they must police this stupid mask wearing.

    A security guard in (I think) a 7/11 got shot and killed at point blank range a while back – I forget which State – when he refused a child entry for not wearing a face diaper. The mum was OK as she was wearing one but the child had to be left outside. How crazy is that?
    Anyway the mum and child went back home after which her hubby/partner and brother went to the store to confront the guard/store manager.
    The guard’s job is security and not face diaper monitoring and was not trained to handle such new (and illogical) situations. Things got out of hand very quickly, a gun was pulled by the hubby or brother and the guard was no more. A totally unnecessary situation and death.
    Emotions are running even higher now after two years almost of this crap and I expect much more of the same.
    And Jesus Wept.

    • ian says:

      I agree with all of that Aldous. I can only think that the guy who shouted at me was in such dodgy condition anyway that he was scared for his life. I said that to my wife, and she said that he should have waited outside. I’ve never been challenged before except by staff. It was a little surreal, he however was cheeky enough to annoy me, and was going to get it back.

  4. danceaway says:

    I take my own thermometer to my dentist and make them wait while I take my temperature; they are becoming accustomed to it now. Place is still locked up; can’t get in or out freely. Absolutely absurd, except that it would not surprise me if some of the staff begin to succumb to the jab, given the reports of doctors in the US doing so in ever greater numbers. I may not have a dentist for much longer!

    • ian says:

      I had to go to the dentist recently danceaway. It was like being abducted by aliens. Unfortunately they never probed me or anything untoward. Anything to break the boredom.

  5. Aldous says:

    I forgot to mention that both of these people will almost certainly have taken the kill shots and suffering from Jab Syndrome, exacerbated by the endless propaganda spewing out of the Slime Box in almost every lounge, bedroom, kitchen – even bathroom FFS!
    Both will probably be gone by this time next year.
    I’m The [TV] Slime – Frank Zappa RIP (3:12)

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Frank was on the money with that one Aldous, well ahead of his time. I always loved Frank’s stuff, so politically incorrect, so very funny and a great musician to boot. A real talented original, they don’t make them like that anymore. RIP indeed

    • ian says:

      Yes Aldous, I agree with pete. Frank was awake when I was still asleep. RIP.