More Australians have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than have died of Covid-19 in 2021 according to official data

Official data made public by the Australian Government shows that by mid October 2021, Australia had officially suffered more deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines than the disease they were supposed to be protecting against.

Statistics show that the first Covid-19 injection was administered in Australia on the 21st February 2021.

At this point Australia had recorded 909 alleged Covid-19 deaths, a number that had not increased since December 29th 2020, and did not increase again until April 13th 2021.

A search of the Database of Adverse Event Notifications hosted by the Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for adverse reactions due to the Covid-19 vaccines shows that up to the 14th October 2021 a total of 72,808 adverse event reports had been made to the TGA. This includes 602 deaths.

Statistics show that by the same date, October 14th 2021, Australia had recorded 1,496 alleged Covid-19 deaths. Meaning 587 Covid-19 deaths had been recorded since the 21st February 2021, when the first Covid-19 vaccine was administered in Australia.

This means that between 21st February 2021 and October 14th 2021, fifteen more people had actually died due to the Covid-19 vaccines than had died of the alleged disease the vaccines are supposed to protect people against.

But what’s also interesting to note from the official data is that the sudden restart in Covid-19 deaths in Australia seems to correlate with the number of second doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered.

This is however, probably just another coincidence to add to the long list of coincidences to have occurred since March 2020.