Mikowits – the ABC of retroviruses.

People often ask me what’s the difference between a typical virus and a retrovirus.

The answer is simple.

Many viruses are composed of DNA.

A retrovirus is composed of RNA.

But wait, you say to yourself, aren’t ….. all living things based on DNA?

The answer is yes, they are.

While nobody knows the answer, the current thinking is that RNA must have been a precursor to DNA, used by the most primitive organisms at the very dawn of life on our planet.  Nature, in her unparalleled efficiency, uses nucleic acid building blocks RNA in DNA for essentially all organisms, but those pathogens that are made of RNA, like retroviruses, need an enzyme to transform their RNA into DNA and insert itself into the hosts’ DNA blueprint in order for the virus to survive.  A retrovirus cannot live or replicate without using the machinery of the host cell.

The enzyme retroviruses use to change their RNA into DNA is called reverse transcriptase.  I consider the presence of reverse transcriptase in a disease to be … smoking gun evidence of a retrovirus being involved.

If you’re a retrovirus, there’s just one thing about reverse transcriptase.

It’s an inefficient enzyme for copying your genetic code.

Reverse transcriptase is prone to copying errors, causing retroviruses to easily mutate into viruses with wildly different genetic profiles.  That means there can be large variations between different strains of a single type of retrovirus.

This trait of retroviruses made many scientists believe they could never cause much harm to humans because they seemed to be, well, unstable……Most have dismissed them as non-infectious junk DNA.  Retroviruses seemed like some biological relic of our far distant past..

HIV-AIDS was a wake-up call to the danger of retroviruses, showing they could be just as dangerous as a typical virus.

HIV killed relatively quickly for a retrovirus.  XMRV’s disabled, keeping their hosts alive, but in a state where they could generally not regain their health. (Chronic Fatigue/ME)


Let me break it down for you….when you mix animal and human tissue, there’s a risk that infectious agents present in the animals may cross over into human cells.  The viruses were likely dormant in the animal, but when put into humans, they may wake up and become active.  We could also say there’s a risk that human pathogens could cross over into animal cells.  What we’re doing is breaking down the barriers nature has erected so that the pathogens of one species cannot be easily transferred to humanity and vice versa.  ….

Retroviruses can affect you in ways that are different from those normally associated with your typical virus.

Transmission is ‘silent’, meaning your body’s immune system is not alerted to fight this invader.  The pathogen could be said to be ‘stealth’ like a B-1 bomber…

This led me to more fully question and understand the threat posed by using animal tissues in medical products.  This applies to ……..vaccines …

Extracted from Plague Of Corruption.  CHD Books.  Dr Judy Mikowits/Kent Heckenlively/ foreward by Robert F Kennedy.





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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Tap, that is an interesting extract. However, her presuppositions raise immediate red flags in my mind:

    1. She assumes that viruses are real things that have been PROVEN to exist. Most definitely not the case for the sars-cov-2 “virus” that is said to cause the “covid” illness

    2 She assumes that HIV causes Aids, again not PROVEN

    See this post which relates to both issues:

    Interestingly enough the useless PCR test is at the heart of both the HIV and the Coronabaloney scams. It was pivotal in both psyops

    So I can’t help but wonder if Mikowits is controlled opposition of some sort. She appears to be an opponent of the mainstream paradigm yet, at the SAME TIME she sells one he founding principles of modern Rockefeller western as REAL. A principle that was successfully used by the Rockefellers to distort natural medicine AWAY from terrain and replace it with the, ENTIRELY UNPROVEN, contagion. Robert Kennedy as the author of the Forward tends to support this theory, he is surely controlled opposition

    It seems to me that viruses are at the heart of the corruption of western allopathic medicine. They are a chimera, easy to assert that they are real, but they are NEVER actually isolated in the old dictionary definition of the word. They changed the definition away from this: “IS’OLATED, participle passive or adjective Standing detached from others of a like kind; placed by itself or alone.”

    They now say that isolation is proven when the so called virus MUST be in a toxic soup of drugs, animal matter and other stuff because some of the animal stuff in the toxic soup died. It’s a neat trick that they pulled to build their whole virus BS but it certainly isn’t ISOLATION

    • Tapestry says:

      The Sars Coronavirus model they are using for PCR etc was generated by a computer from a partial live virus. That does not necessarily mean that SARS 2 does not exist. It does mean that no one has released a sample of the live virus. This enables them to release many similar viruses without anyone being able to state that the virus has altered, as no one ever gets a sample. SARS 2, probably created by a lab with gain of function properties, triggers the condition called COVID which is a blood clotting condition, not a respiratory one depriving the body of oxygen. This is survivable by the vast majority of people, but if they are treated with opiates which slow breathing and heart rate, and put on ventilators they die. The condition called COVID is said by Mikowits to be a retrovirus probably administered in the flu vaccine. It has to come from somewhere. People who’ve had COVID will tell you that this is a real world effect, not a theory. In the end of the day, with scientific explanations and theories, it’s best to read the whole book. These people who work with retroviruses and try to cure autism, AIDS and so on, going down the retrovirus pathway, are all risking their lives Pete. Many are already dead. The fact that Judy has survived one or two attempts on her life does not make her controlled opposition. She’s lost her career, pension and been bankrupted and all her work notes from thirty years of research. I believe in spiritual input and that her survival is down to angelic intervention. That’s not scientific at all! Terrain and contagion are a nice simple debate to lose opposition into, in my opinion. The SARS-COVID coupled with OPIATES/VENTILATOR is not the main killer in the current attack on humanity. It is the vaccine. Her next book covers the details of that and the effects of the spike protein. It comes out this week, and I await my copy. She says it can be cured as AIDS was cured. We ought to at least give her a hearing. Thanks for giving me an honest reply.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        And thanks to you too Tap, I very much appreciate your clear response. You’ve given me plenty of food for thought too!

        Yes, the fact that the virus is a computer sequence [as admitted by the CDC] is a big clue. So how can we know if it really exists if its never been isolated? Your theory of multiple release etc is interesting, but what proof is there of that? I’ve always assumed that all the “variants” are just BS, maybe I’m wrong about that

        I can readily agree that covid is real, I’ve had it myself, it’s not that big a deal but it’s certainly weird. And I can readily agree also about a spiritual input. We can’t explain all phenomena with modern science, that is for sure. We are all connected somehow to the universe and one another I think. We are all electromagnetic at root, as is everything else

        I’m certainly not anti-science either [I studied physics at uni 50 odd years ago] But modern sciences’ almost exclusive focus on materialism is so incomplete I think. I don’t care if the modern scientists can’t explain many real world effects either, they aren’t gods after all. Although they act, and are often treated like they are. All part of the purposeful destruction of spiritual awareness

        You are quite right, she deserves a hearing from what you’ve said. I might need to modify my controlled opposition jibe too

        Please do keep us all posted if anything interesting emerges from her new book

        Best wishes

    • ian says:

      Two excellent comments Gents. Well said both.

  2. stevie k says:

    One positive aspect of the “Coronabaloney” as Pete calls it has been the examination of whether Germ Theory has any proof to back it up… from what I’ve read and I have read a hell of a lot of books and articles since this all kicked off it doesn’t seem to have much to back it up. Pasteur the supposed father of Germ Theory appears to have been a plagiarist and a con-man. Bechamp appears to have been by far the better scientist and goes for the Terrain theory. Pasteur is said to have admitted before he died that “The Germ is nothing the Terrain is everything”. All of modern Allopathic medicine relies on Germ Theory, without it the whole trillion dollar business falls apart and they seem to go to great lengths to stifle any debate as to its validity. In my view if it were real mankind would have perished long ago.
    As to Judy Mikovits I don’t think she is controlled opposition but to have to accept that everything she and many others have studied and believed throughout their whole careers is false is a big ask and probably takes a lot of doing for her and many others in the scientific community. The evidence though does seem very strong that there is nothing to back up the whole Germ/Contagion hypothesis.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks Stevie, I concur with all that you say about Germs v Terrain

      Your statement: “All of modern Allopathic medicine relies on Germ Theory, without it the whole trillion dollar business falls apart and they seem to go to great lengths to stifle any debate as to its validity” is my understanding too. Ditto the lack of empirical evidence. Although, in my case, my understanding it is more second hand, from other intelligent sources, rather than direct from textbooks

      As ever then, follow the money. If you do then you usually end up back at the same suspects

  3. Tapestry says:

    The word ‘theory’ is instructive. If you read Mikowits you find all her work is concerned with real world effects, and her life’s work of 30 plus years has been with retrovirus’ (RNA viruses) starting with HIV. She also says that the HIV retrovirus does not cause AIDS. It is the immune system failure when responding to HIV that causes AIDS. She worked out that targeting the enzyme that translates RNA into DNA – called transcriptase – would stop AIDS from developing as HIV would no longer be able to bring itself to bear in a DNA (human) life form. They targeted transcriptase and saved millions of lives. Suspecting that the blood clotting condition known as COVID is also coming into our DNA via transcriptase from an RNA source (probably from animal matter in the flu vaccine over recent years and now from COVID vaccines), she thinks that COVID can be cured by targeting transcriptase again as with AIDS, as RNA viruses themselves can be very hard to detect, while transcriptase is easy. There are many possible retroviruses coming from animal matter in the vaccines, and all can be blocked by eliminating transcriptase. Better still if all vaccines were simply banned, and people avoided them. (I am about to read the chapter on AIDS in her book Plague Of Corruption so hopefully will get more detail). If you are saving millions of lives, you are entitled to believe that your theory is proven.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I posted my last 2 before I saw this Tap. So I am responding to this, and also yours at 12.21 below

      I agree with you that,
      HIV does not cause Aids
      Immune system failure is the probable cause
      Covid is not natural, it is artificial
      Vaccines are the possible cause of covid
      The world is full of deceptions
      Real doctors need to comply with the official lingo to be effective in saving lies

      Also, I can well believe that the vaccines are the primary cause of all the current illnesses, recent flu vaccine included, as you suggest. The marketing of the flu vaccine in recent years never made any health sense to me, so there must be another reason for it’s intense promotion. Ditto the covid vaxx, for which the promotion level increased by a quantum over the flu

      So, other than educating others then, the main action for us all is to refuse the vaxx, there is nothing else that we can do is there? I expect that most Tap readers have refused to be honest, certainly, I’ve never had a flu shot, or a covid and I never will. In fact I’ve not had any vaxx for several years now. But I still apparently got covid. I didn’t do a test of course, no point. This was before the covid vaxx rolled out too…

      Having said all that then, the main question for me is, what is real in all of his? It’s impossible to be certain, but there is ZERO empirical evidence for the following:
      That sars-cov-2 virus exists
      That this virus has been isolated
      That this virus causes covid19
      That the PCR test detects this virus
      So, is the cause really a virus? Or is it some other pathogen? How can we tell?

      • Tapestry says:

        Sars 2 is a Coronavirus possibly adapted with gain of function lab work – while COVID 19 is a blood clotting condition which blocks or lowers oxygen absorption. The latter could possibly be triggered by the former, according to earlier reports, and the COVID 19 element could have been inserted by the flu vaccine, priming people to be triggered later on by SARS 2. I await Mikowits’ new book supposedly out this week which will hopefully give a lot more detail. SARS 2 is presumably a typical DNA virus in type (albeit tampered with) while COVID could be a retrovirus requiring transcriptase to go live in a DNA (human) environment. I will be reading the rest of Mikowits’ Plague Of Corruption soon and will be on the lookout for any more that helps our discussion. Thank you Pete for offering up your queries and suggestions.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Here is a paper from 2 doctors about the worldwide covid fraud. It succinctly explains the “isolation” lie that is used by modern virologist. See page 11


    “The theory of disease-causing viruses dates back to the 1800s and virologists spent the first half of the 20th century trying to extract these suspected viruses directly from living hosts. The repeated failures led them to change course in the 1950s in order to retain any credibility. The virologists had to provide something to show their potential funders, including the growing pharmaceutical industry chomping at the bit to develop vaccines and anti-microbial drugs.

    In 1954, scientists reported that they had evidence of the measles virus based on the observation that a sample from a measles patient had killed some cells in a test tube. These appearances are known as “cytopathic effects”.22 The authors admitted that “while there is no ground for concluding that the factors in vivo [in a human] are the same asthose which underlie the formation of giant cells and the nuclear disturbances in vitro [in the test tube], the appearance of these phenomena … might be associated with the virus of measles.”23

    The appearance of CPEs is foundational to modern virology’s fraudulent claims of isolation and pathogenicity: a sample (e.g., a nose swab) is taken from a patient and mixed with some cells in a test tube, the cells die, and it is declared that a virus has been “isolated”. What virologists don’t want you to know is that the same appearances can be generated without adding purported virus samples to the test tube – in other words, it is the process itself, starvation of the cell and the addition of various toxic substances such as antibiotics and antifungals, that cause the already abnormal cell lines to react and die, no virus required. (Sometimes photographs of “mock” infections are provided, however the details of these experiments are conspicuous by their absence.)”

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Stevie is surely correct, anyone, like Judy, who has spent their whole career as a virologist using this widely accepted paradigm is extremely unlikely to want to accept that they’ve based their whole oeuvre on a falsehood

      Stevie is also correct that Bechamp is the key person to research. Pasteur is the name that everyone knows from the history books but Bechamp is the guy to look at first.

      This link is a decent primer:

      “Louis Pasteur’s “germ theory of disease” remains the basis of Western medicine, considering that disease is caused by specific microorganisms that invade the body from outside.
      Antoine Béchamp believed instead that illness stems from an unhealthy system that triggered changes in minute particles of the body that lead to disease.

      Western medicine has fully embraced germ theory and its dependence on drugs to treat symptoms, effectively minimizing the importance of nutritious food, fresh air, hygiene and sanitation.”

      It’s the same old story, they couldn’t monetise “nutritious food, fresh air, hygiene and sanitation”, so Bechamp was sidelined, and Pasteur was promoted. Far easier to monetise drugs for something that is impossible to see, or demonstrate [other than with the ubiquitous cartoons that are used now, see coronavirus.

      I instinctively backed Bechamp from my own direct personal experience, and well before I’d ever even heard of him

      • Tapestry says:

        I am sure that the world of medicine is full of deceptions as are all worlds. Scientists examine data with the set purpose either of curing people, or killing them. The same information can be used for either ends. Scientists who cure too many people end up dead. Scientists who kill enough people become rich. All we can do is try to find a scientist who is prepared to risk ending up dead out of a concern to cure people. One way to stay alive longer is not to challenge anything which is not immediately necessary to be challenged. If the cure works, who cares what it is to be labelled as, and who or what is behind it? Call it whatever you want. If you are a doctor and you wish to be part of finding the cure, you have to talk the language that is in use. Same in politics. You may know that all is lies, but to get the changes you want, you have to keep silent about most of them. We need real effects (saving millions of sick people) in the real world of lies. Who can you find who is saying there are cures for the COVID vaccine injured? Who has a track record of curing millions of sick people using science? Do you have any suggestions? I do.

    • Tapestry says:

      Is that wikipedia? In a world of lies we are both searching for the truth. If words are full of falsehood, real world effects are all we are left with. Healthy scepticism is good, but not if it blocks out a potential cure for the billions that are COVID vaxxed. I want to give Mikowits a good try before jettisoning her, and would not permit debates as to nomenclature worry me if her suggestions can stop the spike protein. AIDS was killing tens of millions. It has since gone quiet, and immune system collapse is now again the worry regarding the COVID 19 vaxx, as it was for the Hepatitis and Smallpox vaccines. Mikowits’ claims that the enzyme trans-scriptase was the key to stopping the slaughter by vaccine causing AIDS are worth looking at.

  5. stevie k says:

    Blimey we’re certainly getting some interesting feedback on this post… While I readily admit I’m no scientist or doctor (Just a 67yr old builder) the problem I have with people like Judy Mikovits and others like her is that they try to complicate the issue and baffle us with their complex science when the issue is very simple really.
    “Has anybody isolated purified and shown whatever these particles they are calling “viruses” (which seem to be exactly like Exosomes) are, to be the cause of any disease as per Koch’s or Rivers postulates?”
    It appears the answer although it should be easily doable by any competent lab is No!!
    Why is this after about 150 yrs of “germ theory” we have no actual proof of causation or contagion in fact quite the opposite….
    The only conclusion I can draw from this is that if they tried and failed it blows the whole “Germ Theory’ ship out of the water, along with a very profitable business model and many lucrative careers.

    • Tapestry says:

      Still building at 67 Stevie? You must be fit and healthy! I am still reading Mikowits’ book. As she keeps stating, her job is to assess and analyse data. She refers to the discussions such as germs and viruses, but these are merely labels in the end of the day. Pathogens are things that make you sick, and their effects can be measured and their effects proven. There’s no point in getting involved in a label discussion when what’s happening is clear as day in front of our eyes, at ground level. Millions are sick and millions of lives are at risk of serious ill health and worse. If the building is falling down, you need to get some support in there quick, not discuss whether it’s a house or a flat. Call them microbes if it helps.

  6. stevie k says:

    True Tap but we do need to expose the fraud of germ theory and the incessant push to inject people with toxic substances which are the cause of a hell of a lot of the illness we see.
    I don’t know if this link will work but it”s a very good read, I found it on The EveryDay Concernd Citizen site recently

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks Stevie. The fashion amongst scientists moved away from the virus/germ theory in about 2009 according to Mikowits, to a view that the body lives symbiotically with germs when the immune system is strong. Microbes or viruses (whichever we call them) that destabilise the immune system usually come from other species, as with AIDS. The COVID vaxx has content from many other species as well as mRNA and Graphene Oxide. I wonder if mRNA and transcriptase are the same thing. I am pretty sure Mikowits’ new book coming out this week will explain it.

  7. stevie k says:

    If you go to Dr Robert Young website you could probably find it there.
    Stephan Lanka’s work is also well worth reading.
    Right I’m back off up my ladder….

  8. pete fairhurst says:

    You are both correct I think.

    The virus story is quite stunning if you think about it. As Stevie says then, they’ve sold this story for well over 100 years and they’ve NEVER been able to empirically PROVE causation or contagion by “virus”. Yet most humans think that these are proven FACTS. It’s like so many so called “scientific” THEORIES that are treated as fact, even by so called scientists. There is a long list of such

    On the other hand the vaxx injuries are deeply worrying considering that we are only ten months or so into the rollout. The number of injuries is off the scale already, the young age of many particularly worrying. Will the injuries grow exponentially as many believe? Who knows, it’s all conjecture at the moment, only time will tell. But I do understand the real concern that we may be facing a massive toll of injury and we certainly should try to help the victims, who were duped by the intense propaganda

    But I must say that citing the HIV/Aids story as a key part of Mikowits CV is troubling to me. I’ve seen good info in the recent past that HIV/Aids was run by the same people as SARS/Covid has been. It even used the same type PCR scam to inflate the numbers. And Fauci was at the heart of HIV/Aids as well as SARS/Covid. The source that I saw was not an “expert scientist” [a good start!] He made the assertion that most Aids deaths were caused by compromised immune systems. Which were themselves caused by the toxic drugs that were used as “treatment” for Aids. They used redundant chemotherapy drugs to treat Aids, he said

    I will try and dig out the link and post it here if I do find it

    • Tapestry says:

      The coup de grace for COVID patients seems to be opiates and ventilators where with AIDS they used those drugs you mention Pete to score a death into the numbers. The way the immune system was protected from the monkey RNA virus/microbe, according to Mikowits, was to block the transcriptase which converts the RNA to DNA. The primary attack in the COVID vaccine, or the most lethal is the Messenger RNA which sounds very like transcriptase to deliver the retrovirus (RNA virus) into DNA. If the enzyme can be blocked for AIDS, then it would make sense that the mRNA could be blocked from getting to the DNA in the same way – by blocking it. I wonder if Ivermectin, hydrochloroquine and quercetin are contributing to such an approach. I’ve no idea.

      Clearing away the spike protein that is already delivered into the system would need separate consideration, once the flow from the mRNA is stopped. It would appear that treatment with ozone might be effective – but I am still awaiting delivery of the book that will hopefully address that issue. Pine needle tea, or chewing pine needle tips is also mentioned for this.

      The third aspect which would be to get the immune system back into healthy balance might require yet another approach, where immune system calming techniques might be necessary.

      Then finally all vaccines should be banned permanently, and the perpetrators of the cull executed.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        “The third aspect which would be to get the immune system back into healthy balance might require yet another approach, where immune system calming techniques might be necessary”

        This is exactly what a holistic naturopathic healer would do. It is exactly how I recovered from my so called “long covid” earlier this year. Eliminate the toxins and bring the body back into balance. Start by not consuming any toxic food, so much modern food has toxic elements built in, it should be eliminated from the diet when sick. Plus use key vitamins and supplements. These actions alone allow nature to work its magic on the body. Nature is a wonderful thing, to discard it’s powerful healing qualities is absurd

        “Then finally all vaccines should be banned permanently, and the perpetrators of the cull executed”

        Yes, these people need to be held to account. Not looking likely at the moment I admit, but one never knows, sometimes events turn quickly and unexpectedly