5 Responses to “Midazolam Murders”

  1. danceaway says:

    This is brilliant pushback; scroll down to see Piers Corbin publicly calling out Chris Whitty along with others, calling him a murderer.

    • ian says:

      Yes danceaway nice to see, but notice how the police reacted. I bet nothing comes of it. They might resign him like Midazolam Matt, though, finding a woman who would own up to an affair with Whitty might no be an easy task.

      • danceaway says:

        Oh, yes, Ian, I agree with all this, but it is always heartening to hear some truth being shouted at these people. Your humorous final comment makes one chuckle!

  2. ian says:

    Hardly any of the “elite” (I hate using the term), die young, unless they are being a problem. Both my parents were killed using drugs. My father was really ill with cancer, much brought on by the radio and chemo. My mother with dementia complications, again really debilitated by the treatment. From being forgetful and dozy, to really off it , once they started treating her.
    I wasn’t as aware of how the medical system worked then, and feel a fair amount of guilt now for letting the smug little doctor put her on a driver.

    We are viewed by the elite, as we might view a wasp’s next or an infestation of rodents or cockroaches. Something to be got rid of if we are a nuisance. Up until fairly recently, we were a commodity to be used and abused, then discarded once we become older. Now we are surplus to requirements, and are no longer needed with the advent of digital robotics and automation. We will not even be a useful marketplace, once they crash the financial system as we will all be dirt poor and have no purchasing power. Once the mass cull starts taking it’s toll, we the awake, will have difficult choices to make. Grip your ankles and take it, or at best be re-educated, more likely be killed or live as outcasts, though I can’t see outcasts being tolerated.

    We, I know that I keep stalling, waiting for something good to happen, or a trigger event to start a revolutionary uprising, but if they do it right, these events won’t happen. It’s similar to trapping animals, give them no reason to react, until it’s sprung.

    Doom and gloom, yes, but that’s how I see it. If I had any advice, unfortunately I couldn’t write it here, as we are already being watched by those paid to protect our country. A pity they can’t see that they will be surplus to requirements too once this is over.

    • danceaway says:

      I too, had no understanding of the system 25+ years ago, and let my husband be killed by the chemo and radio for cancer, all this before the info we have now had really taken off, and I was working flat out in an international school. One has many regrets.

      My husband would quote Christopher Story to me, and single handedly prevented the Marxist takeover of a Catholic graduate institution with which he was affiliated although not Catholic.But he had seen the nasty underbelly of government when working in East Africa, having been born there to a colonial administrator who later became a governor. His first language was Swahili and he was so loved by the people he worked with that he was made an honorary elder of the Masai tribe. I think he would be horrified but not surprised at what we now know.