3 Responses to “Max Igan 11/21 – A DISCUSSION ON YOUR SOUL PURPOSE IN LIFE!”

  1. ian says:

    I feel like saying that all this talk by the likes of Max Igan, who incidentally preached that the way to go was standing up to the government before he ran away to Mexico. Ok there could be discussions, but that’s the basic facts. I follow the guy still, but have a lesser opinion of him now.
    They sat that we could organise this and that. HOW? All our communications are monitored. Yes a housewives against vaxxes group might be allowed to outwit Sleepy Hollow village constabulary, BUT serious stuff no way. In a serious situation, they could shut down all networks plus the internet and carry out 2 or 3 thousand night time arrests. Drag everyone off now designated as domestic terrorists, waterboard or just knock TF out of us for confessions and jail us for 30 years. That’s how the b4stards roll. It brings Max Igan into the realms of a fantasy preacher. We’re not talking parking fines here, we’re talking, the b4stards want us dead. We think it can’t happen. Think Bolshevism, the Holodomor, Pol Pot, etc. Bear in mind that they’re reading what I’m writing here. It’s going to be a shit show, get yourselves ready for it.

    • David 2 says:

      Ian, we all talk the talk. What I liked about this interview was the young interviewer. He asked questions that allowed some poignant answers. Those answers are what are important, not whether we believe or trust Max Igan, Alex Jones or David Ike to know what is best.

      The teacher is only as good as his or her pupil, is a well known philosophical saying.

      Galileo said something remarkable: “You cannot teach a person anything, only help them to understand what they already know”

      I recommend this interview if you have the time.