1. Tapestry says:

    Younger and younger patients with heart problems. 30% more people dying at home. Because of heart attack. Inflammation increasing. Vaccine. Why are they mandated? It needs investigating. Next section covering Australian military force vaccinating citizens after home invasions, genociding aboriginals.

    • Aldous says:

      I’ve tried warning them Tap that they’re playing Russian Roulette with their health and lives.
      If they’ve suffered no ill-effects then they have probably received a placebo/saline solution/whatever and that the next one could be the genuine article and kill-shot.
      People out there are getting very suspicious of what is happening.

  2. Graham says:

    The deaths and illnesses are getting too close for comfort. My mates ex wife ( divorced 2 years ago) died recently of heart attack from blood clots in the heart. Healthy 62 year old. Found her dead in bed. She’d had the jab only days before.
    Another mate went to Spain 3 weeks ago for the winter as he does every year, felt ill the second day he was there, breathless, pain in groin, chest, legs. Thought he’d got covid so went to the clinic for PCR test. It was negative so they sent him to the hospital where they did MRI, CT scan and x-rays. Found blood clots in his legs arms and lungs. He’d had the jab just before he went to Spain.
    He spent 2 weeks in Málaga hospital on blood thinners. PCR tested every day, everyone negative. He’s out of hospital now but still on blood thinners. Still can’t walk properly and breathless. He can’t leave the apartment because he can’t get back up the stairs.
    He’s stubborn though and doesn’t want to hear anything relating jabs with blood clots.
    My son’s mother in law died this year from heart attack due to blood clots after the jab.
    It’s too real to ignore. I’m so glad I haven’t had any jabs yet and I certainly haven’t got any doubts about my decision now either.