Jesus in Chester

What happened to the biblical King Izas-Jesus, after his capture at the end of the Jewish Revolt? The evidence is circumstantial, but it suggests that he was exiled to a prison-fortress in Britain – in modern Chester. This fortress was a Roman Guantanamo Bay, designed to hold dangerous rebels from the 1st century Near East.



11 Responses to “Jesus in Chester”

  1. paullewis says:

    history is bunkum – how does the jesus story fit in with the tartarian empire that has been hidden

  2. Tapestry says:

    Paul the Ralph Ellis Jesus story is not quite the one you imagine it to be – he focuses on the historical Jesus or Izas from Edessa, and decodes many ancient texts to do that. Unhiding in fact, rather than taking part in the hiding and fabricating. The real story is not without relevance to current events, although Ellis himself keeps strictly to the task of finding and interpreting sources. The powers that be do not want the real story of Jesus uncovering as he had spiritual knowledge, and wanted to free humanity from the restrictions of the Caesars. Spiritual knowledge in the hands of the plebs is dangerous to the powerful, which is why they focus on creating religions which hide knowledge, and leave no alternative but to obey. It’s not just the media. The churches too are a key part of the systsem of enslavement.

  3. paullewis says:

    i know the story is different – but how does it fit in with the ‘tartarian’ buildings that we can still see

  4. Tapestry says:

    The Tartars are Moslem minority population in Crimea, moved there by Stalin. I need a little more detail Paul.

  5. paullewis says:

    ‘they’ gave us their mind by infecting us with parasites.

  6. paullewis says:

    the above two videos are a good start

  7. Tapestry says:

    That’s a great muddle Paul – greatly at odds with the clarity of Ellis. Video is so slow compared to text.,

  8. paullewis says:

    you need to see the images