Is this graphene?

NHS advert. A stretch of the imagination too far … or could this be graphene symbology?

From Emm Jay

TAP – or a picture of the plan.  Keep people happy while you dumb them down and toxify them.

I don’t think they seriously expect people to keep windows open in winter.

All good fear porn anyway.

Never look at it or listen to any News bulletin is the best approach.  Once the herd is afraid they can drive them onto their needles of death.

COVID’s quite a bash but survivable.  I had it last month,  and now have antibodies at 5.6 (0.8 is a positive).

You sweat, have chills and get rashes for three or so days (I’m pensioner age BTW.  Children had almost no symptoms for just a day each), then coughing for a week, hard to move around much

then it lifts.  Nothing like regular flu this year (2021).  Last year it was simply regular flu – possibly fractionally enhanced by gain of function work in labs.  The current illness is Asian flu in character, as people

normally get at the start of the wet season.  It’s been enhanced a bit too, but is still survivable for anyone with a working immune system.

The main problem with the vaccine is that it targets the immune system with the spike protein.  No one knows how long it will take to eliminate people’s immune systems or if they can recover from it.

The graphene wears off after a year according to some forecasts. The more boosters you have the less your chances.

Pine needles are said to have an ingredient which resists the spike protein.  Get picking and chewing.  There’s plenty around.


TODAY’S From Dr Mercola below –

  • New York pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory, an unapologetic champion of evidence-based medicine, has had remarkable success treating patients with ivermectin and other therapies during the pandemic
  • His efforts to get the word out on this treatment protocol as part of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) have largely been stifled by censorship, ridicule and colleagues — brainwashed by the official narrative — unwilling to accept the science
  • Kory is driven to share what he’s learned with as many people as possible because he believes that everyone should feel empowered to stay healthy; there are dozens of treatment options available for viral infections, about 90% of which are repurposed, cost pennies and are readily available
  • Kory wants everyone to know that COVID-19 is a highly treatable disease, and if you’re infected, the earlier you begin treatment, the better
  • FLCCC’s I-MASK+ protocol can be downloaded in full, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to prevent and treat the early symptoms of COVID-19

New York pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory, an unapologetic champion of evidence-based medicine, has had remarkable success treating patients with ivermectin and other therapies during the pandemic. His efforts to get the word out on this treatment protocol as part of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) have largely been stifled by censorship, ridicule and colleagues — brainwashed by the official narrative — unwilling to accept the science.

Kory spoke with Dr. Chris Martenson, host of the Peak Prosperity podcast, about his incredible experiences over the last nearly two years.1 On December 8, 2020, Kory testified to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which held a hearing on “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution.”

He called on the NIH, CDC and FDA to review the expansive data on ivermectin to prevent COVID-19, keep those with early symptoms from progressing and help critically ill patients recover.2,3 As he told Martenson, due to their promising results, he believed early on that “the pandemic has been solved,” until he realized that those in power weren’t open to hearing what he had to say.

Despite his impassioned pleas and astonishing science to back them up, the treatment not only was ignored by the Senate committee but promptly eviscerated.4 Now, he feels his colleagues in the health care field are living in one of two worlds — by either not following the data or putting patients first because they’re afraid of losing their job or status, or by risking everything to put patients first. He’s become estranged from many colleagues who he says “don’t get it.”

There Is Treatment Available for Viruses

Kory’s eyes have been opened to the reality that many people only hear or believe what public health officials tell them, whether it’s because they’re overworked and don’t have time to delve into the real data or because they’re following with blind trust. Many of Kory’s colleagues have gone along with those they believe to be authoritative experts, even when their guidance defies logic and commonsense. Kory’s trust in the “experts,” however, started to erode the more that he learned.

One of Kory’s role models is Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia, who is renowned for his work in creating the “Marik Cocktail,” which significantly reduces death rates from sepsis using inexpensive, safe, generic medications.5

Marik was one of a small group of critical care physicians who formed FLCCC, which developed a highly effective COVID-19 treatment protocol known as MATH+.6 Marik is so in tune with science that if he reads a new study and has questions, he’ll contact the first author on the paper to get direct answers.

Right off the bat, the MATH+ protocol led to high survival rates. Out of more than 100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with the MATH+ protocol by mid-April 2020, only two died. Both were in their 80s and had advanced chronic medical conditions.7

After several tweaks and updates, the prophylaxis and early outpatient treatment protocol is now known as I-MASK+8 while the hospital treatment has been renamed I-MATH+,9 due to the addition of ivermectin.

Kory is now a public face of FLCCC, and he’s forged a global network of colleagues who are willing to adapt to new information in any way they can to help patients. One of Kory’s biggest revelations involved the treatment of viruses — specifically, the fact that there are dozens of treatment options available, about 90% of which are repurposed, cost pennies and are readily available:10

“I went into this pandemic believing what I’ve been taught my whole career, which is that there is no specific antiviral therapy … I mean, you get a cold, you just rest … and now here I am 18 months later — oh my gosh — there are literally two dozen compounds and now we have trial evidence showing pretty profound large magnitude benefits, either in the duration of symptoms, the duration of viral transmission, hospitalization and death.

We have a number of molecules that actually reduce mortality in what’s turned out to be a deadly viral disease. This isn’t the common cold, we’re clear on that.

I went from, there’s nothing to do for a virus to now, anytime I have a cold going forward, or any of my children, or any other virus that comes at us, we already have a whole armory of stuff that we can employ. And that data for those — which are best, which should be employed — is only going to increase.”

Giving Patients Agency Over Their Own Health

Marteson said that, since learning about accessible treatment options, “I feel like I have agency in my own health that I didn’t have before.”11 Kory mentions natural options like curcumin and nigella sativa, or black cumin, which he would have laughed off years ago, but now realizes they have multiple mechanisms by which they fight viruses:12

“Reading about something like curcumin or nigella sativa, which if someone told me a year ago to take something like nigella sativa — black cumin seed — it would save your life in a viral disease, I would have literally burst out laughing … but when you look, there’s literally 10 years of lots of little trials and studies that have evaluated and defined multiple mechanisms of black cumin seed — immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral.

So you have all of these building blocks, and then you have this trial from Pakistan — large randomized controlled trial with really large magnitude benefits — of literally nigella sativa and honey. And then you find out about honey. Honey also has pleotropic properties.”

Kory is driven to share what he’s learned with as many people as possible, because he believes that everyone should feel empowered to stay healthy, similar to what I have long advised — to take control of your health. He told Marteson:13

“It’s so satisfying because now we have agency, and so many people have agency by learning this knowledge of things that are readily available, cheap, don’t need a prescription, that you can actually treat yourself with very safe compounds. Not only is that agency so satisfying, but boy does it seem critical for the future. Is this going to be the last viral pandemic?”

His index case with ivermectin — the first person with COVID-19 whom he treated with the drug — is also etched in his memory. The patient — a “slightly older, slightly overweight” woman — was two weeks into COVID-19 and still having fevers and night sweats, so still quite sick. He treated her with ivermectin and she woke up in the morning feeling great:14

“Literally I saw what could only be described as a phenomenal response to a medication. So when we talk about data that we use, I’m sorry but I was sold right there on the first dose. First patient, first dose. And then I had repeated experiences.”

COVID-19 Is Highly Treatable

Fear has dominated the pandemic, but both Martenson and Kory say there’s no need to walk around in fear. As a lung and ICU expert, Kory is a master at treating acute illnesses which, he says, “is all about trajectories.” “When we make rounds on patients, we see them every day, we’re following their course … in an ICU, I have to be very knowledgeable about their minute-to-minute, or sometimes hour-to-hour trajectory,” he said.15

He teaches medicine also, and he teaches his trainees to study trajectories in their patients. When the trajectory worsens, especially in critical illness, therapies must be instituted but, he says, when “I see a trajectory on the improvement, I always say just stand back. They’re getting better, they’re going to continue to get better …”16

In the case of his index patient with ivermectin, she was on a steady trajectory, but it rapidly improved upon administration of ivermectin — a pattern he sees regularly with the drug. The ability to get a sense of this pattern recognition is what makes the difference between an expert and nonexpert in critical care medicine, Kory says.

“The longer you’re in medicine, the better you get at that and you can see which medicines are working.” In this case, ivermectin is one that quickly stood out from the rest. Especially if you’re an expert at trajectories, patterns and diseases, as Kory is, “you can figure things out much quicker than a massive, multicentered, double-blinded, randomized controlled trial.”17

If there were one thing that Kory could share, it’s that he wants everyone to know that COVID-19 is a highly treatable disease:18

“I want everybody to know how treatable this is … I’m not that worried about it for me, my friends, my family, my colleagues. I’m not worried about it for those who follow the FLCCC and our protocols because we know that they’re effective.

And I just hope that umbrella of reassurance and protection, which is to say there are effective treatments which will save your life and prevent the need for hospitalization, I just hope that number grows. But me personally, I’m not that bothered by COVID. As you know, I actually got COVID. It was a relatively mild case and so I also have natural immunity in my camp.”

Early treatment, however, is essential. One of his friends became ill with COVID-19 and made the mistake of thinking he had a cold. He didn’t contact Kory until he’d been sick for seven or eight days and by that time, he said, “I had to pull out all the stops for him. I really had to use every tool in my arsenal to keep him out of the hospital.” So if you have COVID-19, the sooner you implement the treatment protocol, the better.

There’s a War Against Truth

The successful treatment of COVID-19 using ivermectin and other therapies is being actively suppressed. Few, for instance, have heard about the astonishing success in Uttar Pradesh, India, which embraced large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of ivermectin for COVID-19 patients, close contacts of patients and health care workers.19

They’ve since had a COVID-19 positivity rate of almost zero, marking a major public health achievement that Kory believes should be a model for the world. Even the World Health Organization praised Uttar Pradesh for their excellent public health measures, which included sending people out to villages to conduct rapid COVID-19 tests and, if positive, treat patients and close contacts with ivermectin.

WHO, however, did not mention ivermectin as part of Uttar Pradesh’s success story.20 Kory now calls the FLCCC an “army,” because “they’re actively fighting a war”:21

“They’re challenging the pharmacists. They’re talking to their doctors. They’re writing to pharmacy boards … I don’t think war is an overstatement here. There’s a war on truth. There’s a war on free discourse and sharing of opinions. One of the catastrophic things is the way they branded misinformation on the level of a felony. Someone who has an opinion that differs from the agency’s is automatically medical misinformation.

It’s treated as though it’s a scourge of society that needs to be extinguished. I think people are fighting back against that. It’s nice to hear the army and the tribe is growing and most important is, I think we’re helping people. We’re arming people with agency and the ability to navigate a pretty confusing world.”

FLCCC’s I-MASK+ protocol can be downloaded in full,22 giving you step-by-step instructions on how to prevent and treat the early symptoms of COVID-19. FLCCC also has protocols for at-home prevention and early treatment, called I-MASS, which involves ivermectin, vitamin D3, a multivitamin and a digital thermometer to watch your body temperature in the prevention phase and ivermectin, melatonin, aspirin and antiseptic mouthwash for early at-home treatment.

Household or close contacts of COVID-19 patients may take ivermectin (18 milligrams, then repeat the dose in 48 hours) for post-exposure prevention.23 FLCCC also has a management protocol — I-RECOVER24 — for long-haul COVID-19 syndrome. The protocols are translated into 23 different languages to provide widespread, free access to this lifesaving information, including how to get ivermectin.25

FLCCC remains hopeful that ivermectin will be formally adopted into national or international COVID-19 treatment guidelines in the near future.


9 Responses to “Is this graphene?”

  1. Gordon says:

    Natural human enzyme can biodegrade graphene, scientists report.

  2. emm jay says:

    Thanks Tap. The usual optic they use of the ‘rona’ (pathetic blob) is usually red. It’s now morphed into black ‘particles’. In ya face, Savile effect, hidden in plain sight. Oh, and extra points for the other, obvious, subliminal messaging in the Edward Bernays style propaganda pic.

  3. Aldous says:

    “COVID’s quite a bash but survivable.”

    Tap, there is bugger all out there that is remotely dangerous.
    Our God/Mother Nature-given Immune System can handle this sort of Covidhoax crap any time and day of the week. The IS actually needs it to stay alert.
    My wife and I have experienced nothing out of the ordinary because we realised from Day One what this was all about.
    It’s an evil mind game.
    I remember a doctor telling me that if a patient presented with a terminal illness and they insisted on being told how long they had left to live, they would usually time-out about the date they were told. Go figure. If they were told six months, then they would have hung on for six months and so on.
    Surgeries and hospitals have become dangerous places. Your welfare is not their primary concern.

  4. Aldous says:

    Being born into an unknown world is inherently dangerous but most of us are glad of the free ride and earthly pleasures that we never asked for in the first place.
    The Covidhoax journey hasn’t bothered me in the slightest. I like to think that it’s made my wife and I stronger.
    There simply isn’t anything out there worth worrying about so why all the social and economic destruction?
    Agenda 21/30?
    Our bodies are terrific marvels of Nature and can fend off pretty much anything that life throws at it. It is under attack 24/7 and knows how to deal with it.
    We can’t live without bugs/bacteria living within us and loving our lower intestines. We can’t go to the bathroom without them. Funny or what? But true.

    Our Immune System is an incredible piece of work that is embedded in each of us free of charge. It monitors everything that we come into contact with and starts with the nasal cavity. It’s there watching and waiting. Hard to believe but true. Some pathogens manage to slip by its net though and the body’s auto-immune system springs into action. Usually by ‘cooking off’ the invader which is why we get high temperatures at such times.
    Malaria is a strange one. It seems to have found a way of bypassing the Immune System and embedding itself in the Liver. The IS is totally unaware that it has been infiltrated. The Malaria pathogen eventually explodes from the Liver into the bloodstream and only then does the IS realise that it has been well and truly ambushed.
    The IS goes absolutely ape and tanks up the body temperature to a dangerous level.. Many don’t make it.
    This is all going on inside of us every day.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Well said Aldous, I basically agree with you about the immune system. It is a wonderful thing, if you live well, and don’t ingest the modern poisons. Living well is the easy bit, if your mind is right and you are at peace with yourself, and your environment. On the other hand, avoiding the modern poisons is another matter altogether, they are ubiquitous and almost impossible to avoid entirely. It is impossible to isolate yourself from the effects of the modern world wouldn’t you say

      I do think that there has been “something” out there this past 18 months Aldous, possibly multiple somethings, and it/they have been labelled “covid”. I am 71 and was ill myself with something very strange last winter, that was labelled covid, and then long covid. I sought holistic help [diet, supplements, vitamins and homeopathy] and I was back to my old self soon enough. Like you, I had no fear, I realised from the get go that there wasn’t much to worry about for folk with healthy IS. I was clued in by the fear porn which was off the scale and I saw the early stats from Italy too
      My 40 something daughter, my son in law and their family of 4 children all had “something” in July that was labelled covid. They all recovered quickly the same way as my wife and I had, holistically, The kids recovered first [4 to 11 year olds], they recovered very quickly, my daughter last. Daughter was bed ridden for a week with high fever, she was a water destruction machine at that time several pints a day, but virtually no peeing, go figure…

      Of course the mainstream propagandists tell us that this “something” is a VIRUS [that mutates] and it is spread by air born droplets. But they offer literally ZERO evidence for that, they offer zero EMPIRICAL evidence [real science] to back up their claims. They just keep making the same old ASSERTIONS backed up by EXPERTS and SCIENTISTS who talk well but prove NOTHING WHATSOEVER

      Here is the Oxford English Dictionary: “Virus: [L(atin) ‘slimy liquid, poison…] 1. venom such as emitted by a poisonous animal.” Sounds exactly right to me

  5. Tapestry says:

    These are great comments. Pete, we should upgrade yours into a post. Would that be OK?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks Tap, absolutely go ahead

      Maybe just add “and the Tap!” after the para ending “early stats from Italy”

      Best wishes to you

  6. Tom74 says:

    Looks more like a swarm of flies.
    Either way, it seems to be the least of their problems.