Is the COVID vaxx an attempt to inflict a new AIDS on the world?

Mikowits – We should not be injecting animal tissue or aborted human fetal tissue into people.  It should stop NOW. (Plague Of Corruption)

Such a claim as in the title, if anyone were to make it, would be based on the theory that moving viruses (or microbes) between species (HIV came into humans from monkeys, most probably when monkey kidneys were used to develop Polio vaccine) disturbs the body’s equilibrium so badly that the immune system becomes unstable.  The cause of death being the disturbance of the total immune system, not merely the actions of a particular virus or microbe.  The COVID vaccine has many parts from different species.

Judy Mikowits quotes a paper from 2009 that she feels informed her thinking on this topic, although I am pushing it a bit further by wondering how this applies to COVID.  Her new book is imminent which might give more details down this line of thinking which was coming into science around 2009.

She writes in the chapter titled What I Really Think About HIV and Ebola –

The paper that most catalysed my thinking in this area was published in November of 2009………. The title of it was ‘War and Peace between Microbes:   HIV-1 Interactions with Co-Infecting Viruses’.  it was published by my former colleagues at the National Institute Of Health.  It may be one of the most important papers from the last twenty five years.

From the introduction –

The development of immunology in the last century led to the concept of a healthy ‘germ-free’ human body that repulses and eliminates invading microbes by generating effective immune reactions.  Through the years, it became clear that a healthy host is not germ free and does not always fight ‘germs’ but may, rather, live in symbiotic relationships with some of them….

Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), which has circulated in sooty mangabeys (SIVsm) and African green monkeys (SIVagm) for a long time, does not cause AIDS, despite high replication and lack of immune control (Paiardin1 et al 2009).  SIV began to infect chimpanzees (SIVcpz) more recently than sooty mangabeys or African green monkeys, and it causes a disease, which is apparently less severe than the one in the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) causes (Keele et al 2009)……Its invasion greatly imbalances the body’s equilibrium with other microbes…

The uncontrolled replication of the symbiotic, and newly invading microbes contributes to the imbalance of the immune system by perpetuating its uncoordinated activation, which, in turn, further accelerates progression towards AIDS.  (Figure 1B).  Thus, like an orchestra, that after the sudden disappearance of the conductor continues to play fragments of the scored melodies, in HIV-1-infected individuals, the immune system continues to play out a chaotic and ineffective attack against microbes.’….

We’ve come to understand that it’s not enough to keep away from germs.  our immune system should be strong enough to either defeat those germs we’re exposed to or reach a state of equilibrium with them.  We are finding that natural exposures, such as having the measles, not only provides lifelong immunity, but also tunes the system to make it less likely you’ll have certain cancers when you’re older.

Viruses and microbes have the capacity to unbalance the immune system.  This can lead to activation of previously dormant viruses or infection by others that turn virulent due to decreased immune function.

Mikowits – Plague Of Corruption.  Extract.

She covers in some detail why she believes HIV probably came from the Polio vaccine monkeys earlier in the book.  ‘They proposed that the jump from chimpanzees to humans came as a result of vaccine trials in the Belgian congo from 1957 to 1960in which more than five hundred common chimpanzees and pygmy chimpanzees were killed so their kidney cells and sera could be used to grow the oral polio vaccine.  The vaccine was subsequently administered to more than a million Africans during that period.’  She discredits the other versions.

She also writes –  ‘I find the best explanations are usually the simplest.  We should not be injecting animal tissue or aborted human fetal tissue into people.  It should stop NOW.’

She lists the contents of a single vaccine – GSK’s Priorix Terta – as viruses (or microbes) from humans, birds, monkeys, mice and horses, all animals that are used in vaccine production.  There also worms, yeast and many other micro-organisms that live in animal tissue.  Add to that the aborted (i.e. murdered) human fetal tissue.

Then you get to the issue of chemicals in the vaccines – mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde (a carcinogen), polysorbate 80, and a host of others.

It begins to look like a witch’s brew that would only be given to children (or adults for that matter) in some demented fairy tale.   TAP – Or by agencies probing our defences to see what will kill us off the quickest.

Judy Mikowits points out she is merely a scientist who analyses data.  Whatever the data says is truth, regardless of politics, financial interests and so on.