1. ian says:

    This is the start, not the end. They could bring in UN troops and shoot the demonstrators.
    Demonstrations don’t work in China, and that’s where we’re heading. I’m a drama queen, we all know that, but let’s wait before ringing the celebration bells.
    There might be some hope, but God I hate being built up then let down. I expect to be let down here. It is as I said a start, not a finish.

    • David 2 says:

      I am reminded of a small snowball rolling down a snow slope and then becoming an avalanche. It all happens very quickly.

      No matter what the rights or wrongs, people do not take kindly to brute force and they will unite against the perpetrators.

      The demonstrations appear to be growing and next weekend will be very interesting. There was also a lot of love in the video. It might be wrong to rule out the infectious power of love. The momentum seems to be one of confidence.

      Overall I would say there is optimism.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    You’re no drama queen ian, you’re just awake and honest, not to mention practical or just realistic. We both share those traits, even though some readers don’t like us for our honesty… Yet we remain optimistic they’ll eventually wake up and accept the cold, hard reality we try to get them to see right in front of them, but which they prefer to deny exists…
    This one’s just more false hope that will only result in more BIG disappointment, thus once again, I recommend people should stop investing any hope in these stories and those behind them. As we both keep harping, no one is coming to save us. BTW, what happened to the great Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his ‘Nuremberg 2.0 trials’? Have you noticed too, that everything that was being enthusiastically propagated on that front seems to have gone conspicuously quiet?