1. Alan Vaughn says:

    This is so boring…
    The great Wayne Glew and his ‘common law’, the constitution and taking them to court nonsense.
    Just more of the same old FALSE HOPE, to waste people’s money on and build their dreams on.

    Unfortunately David, the corrupt courts of lawlessness CANNOT will not prosecute the treasonous government tyrants that OWN and control them, nor will the corrupt courts wake up the vast majority of hopelessly dumbed-down, obedient sheep who love to obey the very same tyrants that hate them.

    If all that money and talk about the corrupt law. the constitution and court cases and going to parliament etc., was redirected into something different – something that hasn’t already been tried and failed many times before, such as a ‘think tank’ dedicated to finding a way of breaking through the impenetrable barrier of censorship and getting the truth out to the sleepwalking masses and convincing them all NOT TO COMPLY, or obey the liars they think they have to serve, we might get somewhere.

    Whatever we do, whatever the solution is, be rest assured it won’t be found in any courtroom, nor by appealing to any member of our treasonous governments.

  2. David 2 says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    It is obvious that our leaders follow orders and those do not come from the people.

    Unfortunately people have been brought up to respect the law and to respect authority. They are especially slow to group and reject the system that serves to feed the beast.

    I agree that our leadership have forfeited their right to rule. They should be tried for treason.

    The conclusion I have come to is that only a cult with tentacles in government, judiciary, law enforcement, banking and corporations could have the power to genocide humanity.

    At some stage there will be Nuremberg trials and the law will be applied.

    What I would call normal people are now referring to satanic influences. So the herd sense that something is not right.

    I have been in a financial situation where my back was against the wall, My business was going bankrupt and my house was on the line. I was looking into the abyss. The same applies to any life threatening situation. It is precisely at that juncture that awareness is heightened.

    Over one billion people have been inoculated. Mandates now threaten healthcare, businesses and the social fabric. People no longer fully trust the media. Soon a great number of people will realize that we are collectively staring into the abyss.

    The bucket fills one drop at a time. There will be an awakening, it just takes the majority of normies a lot longer. Those of us on this site are like outsiders, we can see what is happening.

    It is frustrating, however at some stage the scales will fall and enough people will see that they have been lied to by those we thought we could trust.

    I think the time is close. I also think that every avenue needs to be followed, even legal challenges. Marching, drums, raising your eyebrows when people say they were jabbed, questioning masks on children and especially the relevance of jabbing children when they are not at any risk from Covid.

    It is a war against the people and we have to use all the tools at our disposal.