Flight Cancellations Due to Vaccine Deaths and Employee Resignations

American Airlines on Sunday announced it had cancelled 1,500 weekend flights due to staffing shortages and “severe weather” at its central hubs in Boston, Chicago, and Dallas, with an AA spokesperson blaming the delays and cancellations on “blustery winds” and “atmospheric disruptions.”

An FAA whistleblower, however, told Real Raw News that AA is practicing mass subterfuge. In a direct refutation of AA’s claims, he said modern planes are well-equipped to handle take-offs and landings in moderately breezy conditions and that pilots are trained to handle aircraft in stormy weather.

The sun shone brightly over Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this weekend, with intermittent 5-15kt winds blowing from the west. Our source said the FAA does not mandate a “wind limit” in matters involving takeoffs and landings but advises against them in crosswinds exceeding 40mph.

“There was no weather at DFW this weekend that would’ve stopped a certified, train, competent pilot from operating his aircraft,” our source said. “AA is lying to the public and the media, so it doesn’t lose ticket sales over the holidays. The real reason for cancelled flights is because vaccinated pilots are dying, sometimes in flight, and unvaccinated pilots and cabin crew are resigning over vaccine mandates.”

650 unvaccinated AA Flight Attendants, he said, refused to report for work this weekend after receiving text messages demanding they get jabbed ahead of their scheduled flights. “Comply or face indefinite furlough,” the text said.

Unvaccinated pilots took a similar stance after they, too, got messages that threatened their livelihoods. Eighty-four pilots on Saturday refused to fly after AA insisted that they get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, an alarming number of vaccinated pilots have died at the flight stick. Last week, RRN reported on the mid-flight deaths of two AA pilots who keeled over at 32,000ft.

“The number is growing each day and the airlines, the FAA, and the NTSB are conspiring to keep it quiet. They have in-house reports that 12 pilots in the last month died within 3 weeks of getting the shot. They are doing everything in their power to impose a media blackout on this info. It was heart-related problems, all of them,” our source said.

A 13th pilot, he added, died inflight of hypertoxicity to polyethylene glycol, a toxic chemical in antifreeze that also appears as an adjuvant in Covid-19 vaccinations.

Massive Flight Cancellations Due to Vaccine Deaths and Employee Resignations

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One Response to “Flight Cancellations Due to Vaccine Deaths and Employee Resignations”

  1. ian says:

    Sadly, though pissing off the vaxx crew, this plays into the hands of the climate crew. Private jet pilots will be exempt, you can be 100% sure of that.