2 Responses to “Fauci Clip Surfaces, As Incoherent In 1985 As He Is Now”

  1. ian says:

    I’m not going to listen to little Anthony. He is totally non human. The perps are all very similar. I watched that Said Javid on UK Column spewing lies without a blink. Probably his forte, hence why he was foisted upon us. Ex Deutsche Bank. If my spellings are off with these names, it’s because I don’t do them the honour of caring. Nurses and care workers vaxxed or jobless for all intents and purposes. Next it should be Politicians and Bankers, mainstream media employees, to set an example to us “vaccine hesitant”. Aristocracy, lords and Peers. Vaccine manufacturers, the WHO, then in 50 years or so after we see how it goes, the rest of us. BTW I forgot to mention, any, ANY, supposedly British personnel, who are watching us, tracking us. I’ll personally give you your vaccines, you treasonous bastard vermin.

    • ian says:

      Ok I apologise, honestly. Not to any of the people i mentioned, but to the Site here, Mike, Tap etc, for expressing my views coloured by emotion. I appreciate that it may not be the view of the site, and for using bad language.