1. Tapestry says:

    Is this logical? All will die and yet all are being genetically modified. If all vaxxed are to die, then what’s the point of genetically modifying them? Are the vaxxed actually lepers and carriers of plague? He speaks nothing of life after death – which is odd for supposedly religious character. I guess free life forms are anathema to Satanic beings, and maybe all free intelligent species are continually beset with attempts to enslave them technologically. On earth, religion worked for a few thousand years, as did the whip and the cane. But technology is much harder to side track and ‘bullshit’. Enjoy your last days of freedom humans. Your spirit will be free in the after life, so you have that to look forward to as well as the coming days and weeks while the programme struggles on and hits problems. Who knows? We might find ways to frustrate the programme of enslavement on earth! Hold on to your spirit and to the knowledge that you have. They can’t take that away however much technology and weaponry they deploy against us.

  2. David 2 says:


    I have pondered the same question. I appreciate that the belief of your faith is that we go to heaven after death. I would be more of the opinion that the Universe is a sphere, within which energy circulates and life is continually renewed. If it did not continually renew, all life would have ended many eons ago.

    Hopefully one or other of us is correct! I am happy to go to your heaven and equally relish the adventure of being reborn in a new human body!

    If it is a demonic plague then apart from eugenics and sterilisation. The injected mRNA is described as a single strand DNA, which is much more powerful than your natural double strand DNA.

    Our natural DNA is what we are born with and it carries us as a Homo sapiens, through a life span.

    I have concluded that the introduction of a new DNA in the injections is designed to create genetic modification.

    The ponderable question is whether an individuals DNA is their soul, the essence that carries forward to the afterlife?

    If it is then the diabolical injection achieves two purposes, it robs you of your natural immune and your soul?

    I hope this is not the tragic case. However it is a spiritual war.

    The elite have said they want to create trans-humans. I do not think that this was an idle remark.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Indeed David. I have had much contact during my life with souls departed in many different forms – all of it dynamic where I am clearly receiving purposeful communication. There can be no doubt once you’ve experienced it. The idea according to Father Bugnolo is to make humanity or what remains of humanity into slaves for the purpose of deriving satisfaction from our services. Yet he says we are mostly due to die from lost immune system as with AIDS. He needs to follow his own logic and then impose his dramatic and forceful presentation style onto more logical conclusions. Slavery is known to be treacherous – and a high risk strategy. Humans will deliver much sweetness and light if they believe they are being treated fairly, and will do much to sabotage the production line if they do not. Equally humans only work well when they cooperate. Our competitive side is highly destructive. We do not cooperate out of fear very well, or effectively. We give the minimum when we are afraid. The example of sexual slavery might not so apply and maybe that is where the elites are getting their notions from. In the end of the day they need the whole panoply of services, not just brain deadened prostitutes. Technology requires maintenance, and faults to be repaired etc. Technology is the easiest thing to sabotage. The elites will require highly skilled, intelligent and 100% cooperative slaves – in fact people who do not believe they are slaves. Their whole strategy appears to be misplaced. By the time they realise, they will be starting to kill each other out of frustration that their well prepared planes do not work. Humans are spiritual beings which of course drives Satanists mad with jealousy as they have all sacrificed their souls, and can never reverse their descent into evil. The priest should be telling us that, not me. As spiritually aware humans we have a glorious future without time restriction if we refuse to fear the work of the Satanists and maintain our wonderful natural contentment. I explained a lot more in my book Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life. Amazon have messed up the title but it’s all still there.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Angels-Devils-My-Extraordinary-Life-ebook/dp/B07NJG4LCM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=henry+curteis&qid=1638017930&qsid=260-2096006-6253665&sr=8-1&sres=B07NJG4LCM%2CB012DIRB08%2CB078KKHT2Q%2CB07B4FP53N%2CB000W5HQGY%2CB00URSWEBI%2CB002S355HU%2CB00MUTUI0G%2CB00N2S94ZY%2CB00N3MDSDS%2CB01AM5CC6W%2CB00B2N3BP0%2CB07TWY4ZY2%2CB07MBB49HX%2CB00NENIL24%2CB07CF8C3FK

  4. David 2 says:

    I do not have any experience of communicating with departed souls. Hopefully your book will elucidate it for me. I will revert either by email or here on your site with observations after I have read it.

    I wrote a book on Tibetan knowledge and they state that when the body dies, consciousness is disembodied. The disembodied consciousness is blown hither and thither in the ether and will seek to find an embryo to be reborn. They estimated that the disembodied consciousness or spirit has 49 days to find an embryo. During this 7 week period prayers are offered for a successful re-incarnation!

    The Luciferian cult want to use technology to create transhumans and control the world. They have been using social engineering, monetary engineering, military engineering and genetic engineering for a long time. None of these benefit humanity. Genetic engineering can be applied to crops, animals or humans.

    It is conceivable that a transhuman would not question authority. A transhuman would unlikely be innovative or exhibit emotion. Though perhaps they can gene edit these characteristics in a way that is to their advantage. Human will be lower than cattle in the New World order.

    One thing for certain is that those who survive without taking the vaccine will inherit a totally different world. Knowledge will no longer be based on ideology and an elite will no longer have bureaucratic control.

    The questions are how long before the Luciferian cult is replaced and how many of the worlds population will survive their vaccine?

    • Tapestry says:

      My own experiences suggest that spirits last not for weeks but for years and probably centuries. The spiritual interactions come late in the book (25 chapters). It’s an autobiography. Hard copy available via office. info@curteis.com Most enjoy it! It’s amazing how many people have had similar experiences if you ever broach the subject.

  5. David 2 says:

    I have your Kindle book and perhaps am selectively skimming. I admire your ability to use words that paint a historical picture.

    I am starting the chapter Dicing with Death and glad to know you are still here.

    Ghosts or spirits are not normally on my mind. I did have regression hypnosis to discover past lives. Even under hypnosis I could not remember what I had for breakfast yet alone regress to some other body experience! I keep an open mind and am happy to explore someone else’s experience.

    That is my current update, congratulations on a well written autobiography! In that regard you are a braver person than I am. I keep putting the past behind and do not have the desired need to detail my experiences.

    My daughter and grandchildren live in Shrewsbury. So hopefully we can meet up and discuss some topics when we the unvaccinated are allowed to visit.