Europe’s East Does Not Trust the COVID-19 Vaccines

ER Editor: For copyright reasons, we cannot post from a European site called, but we came across an interesting piece by Alice Taylor on noticeable vaccine hesitancy in Eastern European countries.


As much as vaccination clinics have been set up all across Albania, people are very hesitant to be injected.

Albania is struggling to reach 50% coverage for a single dose, so says the report, with 41.3% being doubly vaccinated; its vaccination rate dropped to 40% in October as compared to September and August. ‘Vaccination rates peaked at 7,500 a day in July and 8,800 in August and September.’ Students over 18, government administrators, healthcare workers, teachers and police were required to be vaccinated, which has put people off, especially the young. As Albania is intending to reach the WHO target of 70% coverage, according to its health minister, the government has its work cut out for it.

The euractiv piece points fingers at the usual ‘disinformation’ suspects who refuse to go along with Big Pharma-sponsored propaganda masquerading as science.

And ditto for Bulgaria, where only 21% have received a double dose. 30% of doctors won’t get vaccinated, apparently, and some GPs are sensibly recommending that chronically ill people and pregnant women should not get vaccinated at all.

Hesitancy is equally high in Romania and non-EU Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 15% have taken both vaccines.

The cause? Plausibly, countries that were under harsh communist rule are most likely to show low take-up rates. Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Croatia were under communist rule until 1990. Says euractiv, ‘Democracy in the region is still fragile and distrust of governments is also fuelled by widespread corruption and a disregard for the rule of law.‘ Western governments have shown exactly this level of CONTEMPT for the rule of law, where laws (real ones) were put securely in place to deal with (real) pandemics historically, only to be conveniently side-stepped in 2020. Regulations of dubious legal standing were ‘passed’ without debate while parliaments were in lockdown. But we digress.

The report goes on to say that a 2021 study by LSE researchers found that ‘countries with a Soviet Union past were linked to reduced trust in vaccines’ and generally less trust overall. Perfectly understandable.

Check out the euractiv report, but it comes with a vaccine-is-good-science propaganda warning.

As the West hurtles more and more into its authoritarian period, hopefully we will emerge from it with close to ZERO TRUST of government and its bought-up experts, too.


6 Responses to “Europe’s East Does Not Trust the COVID-19 Vaccines”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Former Soviet countries are amazed that people in the UK believe the media is basically telling the truth. They were well aware that all news reporting is lies heaped on lies, and have not altered their view since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The new era has only confirmed their suspicions yet further. If only your average Brit wasn’t quite so gullible, fed on a diet of Royal ceremonial, Britannia Rules The Waves, endless replays of WW1 and WW2 propaganda memes. Sadly we are less likely to survive in this evil modern era as we can’t see things for what they are. This makes us easy meat for the mass vaxx cull, doing our duty for Great Britain by getting dosed to death as requested by SCIENCE. Doctors everywhere are in a fabulous position to fake their vaccine if they want to. Many countries have former experience of lethal vaccines – and wonder if their falling birth rates might be connected to vaccines many delivered by USAID.

  2. Occams says:

    Well, Kool-Aid IS an Amerikan product, so it seems only fitting that Amerikans would ‘drink’ the most

  3. ian says:

    I had reason to visit my Dr today. First since pre Coviscam. I took the opportunity to grill her. I thought that they must know that it is a scam. I feel that I’m a fair judge of people, apart from being a sucker for a sob story and a magnet for waifs and strays. I made suggestions about masks being a waste of time, “no not at all”. It went on, and she is double vaxxed and boostered and I believe her. I pointed out that I believed that there will be mass deaths from the vaccines. “Oh she hopes not, but accepts that she doesn’t know”. I left in a really shocked state. I honestly thought that they must know, but they don’t. I’m sure of it.

    • ROTH says:

      My sister was the practice manager for a local GP last year, and told me with incredulity that one of the female doctors was only taking telephone appointments from her office, while all the time being masked up and gloved. While alone in her office.

      Some of them are thick as mince.

      • archer says:

        I think half are thick – the other half are psychotic and Machiavellian.

        That imbecile Nagpaul – the BMA chairman – should be tarred and feathered (or worse) for the hysteric claptrap he comes out with. Another charlatan who probably bought his degree.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        My guess is that some of the older ones are more savvy. The ones who have some experience of real hands on medicine, rather than the current “computer says no, here take these pills” younger crew. The youngsters have been brainwashed from the get go, they’ve grown up entirely in the digital panopticon and have never lived in the old analogue world

        I count m blessings that most of my life has been analogue, more real and gritty somehow. No digital screens or phones to mess with my brain. The young brainwashed are at a disadvantage, only the exceptional ones see through all the propaganda and BS that is pumped into them 24/7 by the matrix. They are obsessed with damn devices and look at them constantly