EU Refusing to Disclose Secret Big Pharma Contract Deals Covering Covid-19 Vaccines

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A group of concerned parliamentarians in Europe is putting on blast the highly corrupt European Commission for big pharma to “run roughshod over democracy.

In order to allegedly “protect the health of their constituents” from the covid pandemic, European Union (EU) leaders in Brussels purchased millions of batches of covid-19 vaccine from various drug companies without any oversight by actual lawmakers.

In fact, the people Europeans “elected” to represent them were kept out of the deals entirely. Only the Commission, which is not elected, knew what was contained in the secret contracts that were signed with pharmaceutical companies.

According to RT, entire pages of these documents – of the few that have actually been released – are heavily redacted. It is clear that there are individuals who do not want the public to know what was done behind closed doors.

Numerous European leaders, including Romania MEP Cristian Terhes are concerned and want answers. Joining several others who want answers, Terhes spoke at a recent press conference expressing serious concerns about the situation.

As of November 3rd, all members of Parliament must show a valid digital Covid-19 vaccine “green pass” in order to enter the building. This is an issue for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that lawmakers are being denied access to the vaccines and the procedures used to bring them into Europe.

Terhes revealed that as far back as January, EU lawmakers were demanding “full access to the contracts signed between these companies that produce the vaccines and the EU.”

Time and time again, these representatives were given the run around by Brussels, which to this day refuses to be transparent about how all of this came to be.

Quoting from a Euractiv article, Terhes, who represents the Christian-Democratic National Peasants Party, explained that the contract signed between pharmaceutical giant CureVac and the European Commission last November “was made available to MEPs [on Jan. 12, 2021] in a redacted format after the company agreed to open the contract up to scrutiny.”

Without knowing with is in these contracts, there is no way to scrutinise whether each was done appropriately and with the best interests of the public in mind.

Adding to this, Terhes said that Brussels is “imposing a medical product on European citizens without them knowing what’s in these contracts.”

What’s worse, is the even the EU members of parliament were kept out of the loop. Only a select few at the very top had any involvement in scheming these contracts and forcing them into law.

As for which parts of the contracts were most redacted, an analysis conducted by Euroactive found that “4.22% of the liability section and 15.38% of the indemnification section was found to be redacted, while 0% of the section on the processing of personal data was redacted.”

Furthermore, a shocking 61 percent of the contract’s annexes, which contain the “nitty-gritty details of the agreement,” were also blacked out in the versions provided to lawmakers like Terhes. All in all, about 24 percent of the contract could not be viewed because it was heavily censored.

“E.U. citizens’ rights are severely violated by the Digital Certificate,” tweeted Terhes, outraged over all of this. “We will fight for your right to freedom, which has to be restored in the E.U.!”


6 Responses to “EU Refusing to Disclose Secret Big Pharma Contract Deals Covering Covid-19 Vaccines”

  1. ian says:

    I had a bad day yesterday. I wasn’t at my best, and on top of other things, I was visited by my OTT in your face fully vaxxed and boostered and flu vaxxed sister, still suffering pains in her arms and shedding whatever they shed all over the place. As I have mentioned before, a few from this small community have had heart attacks or pericarditis or myocarditis, my brother in law included, “married to my other sister”. None that I have spoken to suspect the vaxx being a factor nor did my visiting sister, nor I think does she still, after I told her.

    Why am I telling you this, well, it’s a contrived way of explaining what we are up against. Any sane person on reading this article, will have alarm bells ringing telling them that if they’re hiding information, something untoward is going on.
    Instead they’re talking of next years holidays and Christmas, and Michael’s got a new girlfriend since him and Melissa split up.

    • archer says:

      Some people (many, in fact) seem to choose their own destiny. We can only try and warn them, Ian.

      What has infuriated me recently was a family member that doesn’t believe in the vax, went ahead regardless and took the bloody thing, because ‘she didn’t want to be restricted in what she can do’, due to not being vaxxed.

      Coincidently her and the rest of her family got COVID symptoms a few weeks later. Not sure if she’s having (or had) the second poison shot. Grown adults they are and they make their own decisions (without also ever questioning what the contents of the jab is). I’m past despair now, all we can do is protect ourselves.

  2. Weaver says:

    I sympathize, maybe we are the chosen few to make it through to create a better world when this is all over. It is very challenging to change people’s minds they cannot believe they have been conned. Cognitive dissonance is what people seem to be experiencing.

    • ian says:

      Yes Weaver. It must be very difficult when you have trusted a believed what you were told by TV, to suddenly be confronted by, ” say me”, an ordinary weirdo conspiracy whacko tinfoil hat nutter, who claims he is telling the truth, you are an idiot and TV Doctors and the government are lying. I think I see the problem.

    • ian says:

      Actually, my previous comment helped me to really see the problem. Sadville Arizona. Who remembers Reggy Perin.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Once people sign up to the fear agenda, they will do exactly what they are told to do, and believe everything big daddy tells them. In this case big science. It’s THE PROBLEM causing fear, followed by THE SOLUTION which is science. It’s almost impossible to unhook people once they’ve been hooked. It’s like taking Daddy away from them.