Encroachment of civil rights – says Tru.

‘Take him off air’ GMB guest sparks uproar as vaccine row erupts

GOOD MORNING BRITAIN viewers were left fuming on Wednesday after a row erupted between two guests over the coronavirus vaccine.

On Wednesday’s  hosts and Ed Balls were back on the show to present the latest news headlines. The duo discussed a range of topics and spoke with a number of guests throughout the programme. However, things took a turn when they spoke with entrepreneur Tru Powell and Professor John Ashton about whether it’s fair to put unvaccinated people into lockdown.

Professor Ashton believes “everyone needs to play their part” when it comes to combatting coronavirus.

However, Tru is against putting unvaccinated people into lockdown as he claimed it is an “encroachment on civil and human rights”.

“This is really exhausting,” Tru began. “And I think it is a disgrace that Germany are doing this.

“We should not be dictating to people that they need to have the vaccine otherwise they’re going to be locked down in their homes.”

GMB Ed Balls

GMB: Viewers were left fuming over a vaccine row (Image: ITV)

GMB Professor Ashton

GMB: Professor Ashton believes everyone needs to do their part (Image: ITV)

He continued: “I think it’s an encroachment on civil and human rights.

“I think everybody has the right to decide what goes into their bodies.

“It’s really exhausting that we are back here again discussing Covid.

“We know that it’s here and we know that it’s a huge problem. But people are being discriminated against, people are losing their jobs.”


GMB Susanna Reid

GMB: Susanna and Ed discussed whether unvaccinated people should be put in a lockdown (Image: ITV)


GMB: Tru labelled putting unvaccinated people into lockdown a “disgrace” (Image: ITV)

While Professor Ashton went on to say the UK may go into another national lockdown.

“We all need to play our part and at the moment, it’s as though the thing is over,” he explained.

“We need to get back to wearing masks and social distancing. It’s not about civil rights, it’s about winning the battle against this virus.”



5 Responses to “Encroachment of civil rights – says Tru.”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    What of the evidence from 100% jabbed Gibraltar where cases are out of control? Caveat- does “cases” actually mean sickness anyway?

  2. Aldous says:

    2 HRS AGO
    “There are more than a million people like me I’ve had 3 vaccinations but the first 2 have been cancelled (out?) by my chemo treatment and I have c 5% protection if I run into someone asymptomatic when I attend a hospital clinic or collect meds from pharmacy then I will probably die and that selfish person will be my killer. A lot of people are not aware of this or just don’t care in which case I pray you never suffer the same fate.”

    That’s a ludicrous comment from the hateful Express link. Probably a British Army 77th Brigade troll merchant.
    “…I have c 5% protection if I run into someone asymptomatic when I attend a hospital clinic or collect meds from pharmacy then I will probably die and that selfish person will be my killer.”

    The cut/burn/poison cancer treatment and pointless jabs are the killer matey. Where does the 5% figure come from?
    TPTB must be getting desperate.
    Is smirking and repulsive Ed Balls still ‘married’ to the equally repulsive Yvonne Cooper? She’s so proud of being married to fat boy that she kept her maiden name. Commies do that.
    Tru is spot on with this one.
    Ashton (Express link) looks like one of the goyim-hating ‘tribe’ as does Parry suggesting that non-jabbed Britons pay for NHS care.
    We’re up against it on this one. Perhaps Long John Silver had a point: “Aye Tap lad, the dead will be the lucky ones!”

    • ian says:

      Yes Aldous good comment. The vaccinated carry 215 times the viral load of the unvaxxed. The vax doen’t stop them spreading it or getting it, and you have more chance of dying if you’ve had the vax.

      It is not now nor ever was about the covid. It’s about getting everyone jabbed. Now it might be about connecting you to the internet of things, if you live. It might be just about killing as many goy cockroaches as possible. It might be kill as many as possible and hook those who survive up. We are always playing catch up.

      I’ve told this story before. I had a job that I really enjoyed at the time of 9/11, and the invasion of Afghanistan. I was a toolmaker in a figurine factory where I had much freedom and resources to do my job, at my disposal, and I was good at what I did.

      I started pointing out obvious anomalies in the information to folks at work, both about 9/11 and the invasion, but was ridiculed and eventually sent to Coventry, “for non British, it means everyone stopped talking to me and ignored me”.

      It was so obvious to me that if they looked at the information I had, they would agree, but they wouldn’t.

      I’m not the greatest socialite, and to cut a long story short, I ended up with anxiety and depression.

      I sometimes meet these individuals, and they ask if I’m doing ok, ie not still mental, and though all the things that I said would happen did happen, they can’t see it.

      They’re never going to see through all this shit which is way better prepared and presented.

      Tonight I noticed that the Liverpool bomb FF was filmed not by a security camera, but by someone over the road, and they centred the image and zoomed in before it blew up. I mentioned it to my long suffering wife who said that the passenger was locked in. I asked what passenger, oh the passenger in the taxi. I said what makes you think that there was a passenger in the taxi. Oh it was on TV and online. NO passenger, a FF.

      NOBODY CAN SEE IT. We’re going to struggle.

      • ian says:

        BTW I know my Liverpool comment re no passenger is likely wrong. I just said it because it’s a possibility. Most likely scenario, is a Patsy, given a bag (contains the bomb), and asked to take it to someone. It’s then detonated by remote control via a mobile phone. The people who shot the video likely detonated it. It was common practice in Iraq, to send someone to sit opposite a queue in a car, and keep an eye on the folks. When the perps heard that the queue was long enough, they sent a text to the explosives in the boot, killing the patsy who was now a suicide bomber without knowing it. Imagine what kind of arsehole would do that.

  3. Aldous says:

    G’day Ian. My long suffering wife and I were living and working abroad at the time of 9/11. We got in from our local as it was all unfolding and the first plane had already ‘hit’ – if indeed it happened the way the damn TV brainwasher in virtually every home depicted. We watched the 2nd plane live etc. So far we’re both watching events with shock/horror and so on.
    When (I think) the North Tower started to collapse, I said, “Hang on!” No building has EVER been brought down by merely being hit by a plane. When the South Tower subsequently collapsed a short time thereafter, I knew for certain that this was a hoax/false flag.
    I then heard about the Pentagon plane-strike and thought that these are damn good pilots who can corkscrew a plane to hit the Pentagon. NO multi-thousand hour pilot has EVER managed since to achieve it in a simulator.
    Flight 93 was supposed to have crashed over Pennsylvania leaving just a sooty spot. Yeah sure, landing gear, jet engines, body parts etc just vaporise like that. As far as I know, that plane is (or was) still flying on the aircraft register.
    The assertion that jet fuel (Avtur/Jet-A1) can melt steel girders is ridiculous in the extreme as it doesn’t burn nearly hot enough.
    The World Trade Center is a complex of several buildings and WTC7 (Salomon Building) – a good football pitch or two away from the so-called Twin Towers – wasn’t even struck by a plane but still managed to fall into its own footprint as if by controlled demolition. It’s collapse was even announced nearly 30 minutes ahead of time by the BBC’s hapless Jane Stanley from memory.
    You couldn’t make this stuff up but still the sheeple believe it!
    I need a whiskey. I’ll be back! Regards.