2 Responses to “Early Warning (1981) Accurately Predicted the World of Today”

  1. Aldous says:

    Early Warning is an ultra low budget movie that is freely available online. Apart from one or two actors, the rest are second rate – especially the leads.
    The plot is as thin as they come and the Biblical references and theme become excruciating. I think the author – who also wrote the screenplay – was a well recognised and Oscar nominated sound engineer (from memory) and certainly no Michael Crichton.
    The movie starts off well enough with lots of promise but quickly descends into a Biblical disaster.
    I would encourage anyone to watch it (for free) but be prepared that you cannot EVER get your nearly 2 hours of life back.
    I’m suspicious that the usual suspects funded this suspect movie to predictive programme the goyim and bring Christianity into disrepute. Just a thought.