Don’t cave in like I did, says Nichola.

Nichola’s Story
October 28 2021
“So this is me yesterday at the Alfred hospital. After 8 days of feeling really crap having given into the pressure of getting vaccinated.
This is me having an ecg on my heart, and waiting for a chest X-ray and Bloods to be taken and possible further screening of my lungs incase of possible bloodclots.
I was vaccinated on a Monday and instantly felt awful. To say I felt drained is an understatement. By the Thursday and Friday my chest felt as though someone was sitting on it and I couldn’t even run in small stints with the dog, Friday night I had crushing pain in my chest and my left arm went numb. I decided to ride the pain out as I didn’t want to “burden the healthcare system” but by Saturday and Sunday I was having stabbing pains in the centre of my chest every 2 minutes for hours. My back felt terrible too, right where my lungs sit and monday morning I woke up to stabbing, throbbing pains in my heart.
I finally decided to go to the hospital and whilst I sat there after I’d been triaged 10 people came in in the space of around 20 minutes and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM had the exact same symptoms as me and all had had doses of Pfizer. I could hear each conversation crystal clear so I’m just relaying what I heard. One guy had been in two weeks ago after his first jab and had been referred to a cardiologist and was back again with the same pains in his chest he was 20!
Now let be clear, this is a vaccine I did not want.
But having spent a massive chunk of my life savings just living during these 260 days of lockdown and being told I wouldn’t be able to work, be a part of society and just live without being bullied, segregated and discriminated against, I caved. Now As I’m writing this I have stabbing pains in my heart and left side of my boob as well as the centre of my chest. I’m shaking with heart palpitations and feel exhausted. The doctor told me that I had had a reaction to the vaccine and many people have come in with the exact same symptoms as mine having had Pfizer but 98-99% were usually ok and that a lot of side effects are coming out as it is a “new vaccine in the very early stages”.
I was sent home after extensive testing and told to rest and take Panadol. Today the pain has moved to the left side of my boob and mainly around my heart. I went for a walk in the fresh air today and felt totally drained after.
Life right now is really quite difficult and I am quite scared!
In the space of 8 days I went from being super fit and healthy, non smoker, non drinker extremely active to daily heart and lung pain which ranges from crushing pain to stabbing, and the most extreme fatigue I’ve ever felt because I went against everything I believe in to stop people in society shunning and judging me.
Please think again before you attack someone’s choices. If someone has vaccine hesitancy then don’t berate them. The risks of vaccine Injury are real and the numbers of adverse reactions are probably way higher than we know.
All because you were ok after your jabs, doesn’t mean others will be! Let’s hope I feel better soon.
But nobody can tell me that because there is not one shred of data to say how this ends for me!”
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15 Responses to “Don’t cave in like I did, says Nichola.”

  1. David 2 says:

    All our hearts go out to her.

    Every day there are similar stories from around the world. Yet they are never posted on the legacy MSM.

    What has happened to the medical profession? They were once the most respected and admired. Now they operate as killing machines for the power elite.

    True compassion for human suffering is not found in the Power Elite’s vocabulary.

    They have lost the mandate to rule and Nuremberg trials needs to be implemented ASAP.

    The tables must be turned.

    • ian says:

      If you check out the so called “Spanish Flu”, David, from back in 1918, you’ll see that the people survived that, as long as they never got vaccinated or went into hospital. Nothing has changed. People don’t become saintly because they’re into medicine, it’s a good job with good conditions and very good wages. Most do what they’re told to do rather than lose their job.

  2. David 2 says:


    Medics are responsible for peoples health and lives. They are giving an experimental shot which has proven to be toxic and can cause early death. They are using medical protocols in hospitals which clearly cause death. They have denied treatment and prescribe medicines that will kill old people in nursing homes. They have mislabelled deaths as Covid and so contributed to the pandemic of fear. They are refusing to see patients in person and so overloading hospital emergency rooms.

    Medical doctors cannot hide from Nuremberg just because they followed orders.

    They have forfeited their mandate to heal the sick.

    The tables have to be turned and Nuremberg trials instituted.

    • ian says:

      Who is the law David? What is the law David?. If you imagine that you’ll get the Rothschilds, Rockefellas, Gates, for starters into courts, good luck, because it’s them behind it. I can not in my wildest dreams imagine a legal action against any of these arseholes going ahead, but please feel free to believe that the law works for everybody.

      • David 2 says:

        You are your own law and that law is common to all people. It is called common law.

        Every ism is a belief system and it is run by a power elite. It can be capitalism, monetarism, socialism, militarism, communism even religions, they are run by a power elite for their own benefit.

        As an ideological system, legalism is the synthesis of Hang Fei Tzu around 300 BC.

        He defined legalism as the accumulation of political power to control the people.

        Most of the power elite are part fo the Masonic cult and they always protect their own.

        Normally the elite employ statecraft ie
        official secrets to circumvent their own laws.

        However once people understand and decide that the elite have forfeited the right to rule. The tables will turn and Nuremberg trials will follow.

        This applies to all including doctors, journalists, politicians, heads of pharmaceutical companies, police, etc. who have forfeited their mandate.

      • ian says:

        Whatever David, you are possibly a believer in all this common law stuff or shite which ever you choose. Feel free to get on with it. I have never seen nor expect to see a single occasion where this or God helped.
        You remind me of Kevin Keegan when Alex Fergusson wound him up, ranting about how much he like to beat his team.

        Wanting something is not enough. It has to work.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Exactly ian. You know me. This time I’ll K.I.S.S:
        Forget their corrupt law which they make up as they go along and their biased, unjust and unfair judiciaries that will therefore, invariably judge any lawsuits filed against them in their favour. Any such lawsuit filed in any of their courts of lawlessness, is a guaranteed exercise in futility and a huge waste of time and money.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      David, you list 5 very powerful points about the medics recent behaviour, which are all correct. As you say they cannot hide behind following orders. They are culpable and they must be held to account

      I also agree that the legal system will not do this for us. As you say then, they must be held to account under natural law [gods law if you like]. This law is above all human legalisms and artifice. It is superior to anything created by man. It CAN be used to hold these people to account, whether it will be is uncertain, such accountability seems a long way off at the moment….

      But the medics are not at the top of the list for accountability are they, there are higher priorities

  3. Mick says:

    We do need Nuremberg II. Last time it was no defence to say, “I was just following orders.” A military defence. This time it will be no defence to say, “I had a mortgage to pay”, or “…a student debt to pay, ” or “I needed the job.” All economic defences. All no good, because others in the same position with any or all of those same conditions have shown you can refuse.

  4. Aldous says:

    School in mourning after two pupils die suddenly in one week

    Nothing to do with the Death Jab/Kill Shot of course.
    A lot like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Cot Death, Shaken Baby (where grieving innocent parents are demonised and pilloried) after the poor infant got jabbed.
    The jab NEVER gets a mention!

    • ian says:

      Absolutely Aldous. Crime after crime. Blaming the distraught parents of SIDS baby, is an horrendous evil thing to do, on a par with killing it with an injection.

  5. emm jay says:

    Where was this article originally published from please?

    • Tapestry says:

      Picked from a ‘friend’s’ page on Facebook.

      • emm jay says:

        Thanks Tap. Unfortunate as it is, I hope it’s mega shared and followed. It’ll definitely chime with those who took it just to avoid being ‘shunned and judged’ by ‘people in society’. Face palm.

  6. Gordon says:

    Just going out the door when an email came through from a friend which is pertinent to the article. Thanks Alan.

    Ethics Professor Dr. Julie Ponesse Threatened With Dismissal For Refusing Vaccine.