1. ian says:

    God love Judy. Sitting there coughing her guts up, hair like a hay stack, jumper all wrinkled above her boobs with sitting down . I love her. No way that lady would lie. They’d get some tarted up starlet.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Great video. She can cure AIDS and the spike protein. She could save the human race.

  3. David 2 says:

    The situation has got so bad that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated now need protection. Not only should the vaccine programme be stopped, but a regular ivermectin pill should be available to all.

    • Tapestry says:

      I listened to this recording twice. There’s a lot for the layman to take in. She recommends her two books – Plague Of Corruption and Ending Plague. I ordered both. The cures she mentions are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and Ozonated creams. She mentions ozone again in relation to Ending Plague. The vaccines shed and spread the spike protein. So everyone needs protection from its effects not just the vaccinated.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      IMHO the so called ‘vaccinated’ are not vaccinated with anything. At least not with anything that might harm or kill them. Their jabs were just a couple of mls of harmless saline solution.
      This also explains why most of the ‘vaccinated’ obedient collaborators are not dropping dead, or suffering severe adverse reactions.
      Only about 5 to 10% of them are actually injected with the Gates depopulation cure and they DO drop dead or suffer terrible side effects.
      All planned of course and the reason they’re doing this is that those so-called ‘vaccine hesitant’ people will be lured into a false sense of safety, when they see their friends and/or loved ones being jabbed with no consequences. That would be perceived as quite reassuring: that the rumours they’ve heard are nonsense, as the media they believe assures them and that the ‘vaccine is indeed ‘safe and effective’. (Albeit definitely not effective at all).
      That level of fake ‘advocacy’ coupled with the non-stop coercion to ‘get vaccinated’ will convince the ‘hesitant’ ones to finally submit. It’s just part of the overall, almost ingenious>/i> propaganda plan.

      However, anyone gullible or foolish enough, or just morally weak enough to submit to this totally unnecessary and demonstrably useless concoction, is engaging in a deadly Russian Roulette type of gamble, with their life.
      Eventually the jab, or more likely: the follow-up ‘boosters’ will either kill or, at least one way or other: seriously harm everyone. Here’s how I think it will work:
      The first, second, third and any number of subsequent jabs and boosters might all be harmless saline or placebos, but eventually they will pull the trigger on the one (of six) chamber, containing the bullet – the syringe containing the Gates depopulation bullet.

      After about say 2 to 5 years: millions, possibly even a billion or 2, or more, will have perished.
      I just wonder if when that point in history arrives, will the few surviving frenzied slave muzzled sheep, whose compliance enabled it all, finally wake up, or will they still believe the humanity loathing oligarch’s rhetoric about the filthy and selfish, unvaccinated pariahs being the cause of the world’s first ever global holocaust?

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Damn it, that’s what I get for rushing things…
        The very first sentence of this comment is missing a key word: ‘most’.
        I was meant to type:
        IMHO, most of the so called ‘vaccinated’ are not vaccinated with anything.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        You have outlined a plausible scenario Alan. I’m inclined to think that a slower poisoning is more likely too. Rather like all the other poisons that they have put out there this last 100 years or so. Time will tell. Even so, anyone who accepts the vaxx is either not thinking straight or morally weak

        As you often say then, there is only only one morally acceptable individual response to the totalitarians requests and instructions: Total, 100%, non-compliance

        This has been my consistent position throughout. I do not consent to any of their covid “guidelines”, “rules” or “laws”, I never comply, ever

        There is usually a loophole in them if you look carefully. If not then I walk away without complying

  4. Tapestry says:

    Another source says Quercetin (Dr Zelenko) is the same thing as Hydroxychloroquine. Quercetin is easily available. Dr Mikowits says elsewhere that chewing pine needles counteracts the effects of the spike protein. The flu vaccine is packed with coronavirus’ she says which will trigger the mRNA response in the synthetic virus contained in the COVID vaccine. This could be lethal unless counteracted. Ivermectin, Quercetin (hydroxychloroquine) and ozone.

    • David 2 says:

      Hi Tap,

      I re-posted the Indian doctor’s advice on ivermectin. Towards the end he describes how it should be taken once a week for health protection.

      I assume that this applies to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

      Instead of the vaccinated blaming the vaccinated, we need to band together in the crisis caused by vaccinations and take sensible preventative measures.

      African countries take ivermectin to prevent against the virus that causes river blindness. It is called the Sunday pill. Not surprisingly there are very few cases of Covid in these countries.

      I see that Ireland which is 95% vaccinated is going into lockdown. Can the fools not see that the vaccines are the problem.

      I also posted a short excerpt of Dr Montagniers interview, which states that the vaccines cause the virus.

  5. pete fairhurst says:

    I just got round to watching this short vid. I will be interested to hear what you have to say about her book Tap. I’m not convinced tbh. My tuppence worth as follows:

    She talks a very good game
    She sells her books very hard [repeatedly]
    She sells the covid virus as real [which is NOT proven, as they admit]
    She sells fear porn for mainstream disbelievers [covid vaxx itself is a virus, vaxx leads to shedding]
    She sells pharma as a solution
    She offers no actual evidence about any of her assertions [what is her EVIDENCE for vaxx is virus & vaxx shedding]
    She sells ALL vaxx as dangerous [Weavers post yesterday shows most previous vaxx have LOW numbers of adverse reactions]
    Other than that she’s credible

    • Tapestry says:

      One thing you get in the book is the attempts on her life and the number of her colleagues who’ve been murdered. She has been bankrupted, jailed without trial, made an escape from her home by impersonating her niece when the thugs were at the door. Her story needs books to get across as there is so much to give. The technicalities of the medical information are far more detailed in the book. There is real world evidence for the existence of shedding, and of a virus. She has not been murdered and knows her survival depends on not directly assaulting.Pharma. All vaxxes have retroviruses and cause long term effects like cancers, diabetes, lower rates of fertilitity, greater tendency to autism, CFS and Alzheimers. You need to read it Pete. She can only get a tiny fraction across in a twenty minute interview. Plague Of Corruption. Dr Judy Mikowits. She knows her days are numbered. You have to look at her message and acknowledge that she is a great source of vital information for those who are still alive. She like many others is not sure that any humans are intended to survive.

      • john_smith says:

        I first came across Cara St Louis when she wrote an article in a website I used to follow. That article was about her then newly published book, The Sun Thief (a novel about chemtrails). She responded to our comments and told us of her own sad experiences. On the day her book was published, her mother was run over by a car. All her bones were broken and she died in Cara’s arms. That same day, Cara’s house burned down.

        It’s very dangerous to challenge the controllers. That’s why many truthers are likely to be controlled opposition. If they truly want to harm you, they have a slew of unconventional methods at their disposal. Read Dennis Wheatley’s books.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Tap, that is a very interesting response. I’m not sure that I’ve got the appetite for her book though. Any chance of you doing a more comprehensive report when you’ve finished it? If not here then you’ve got my email of course

  6. stevie k says:

    I lost a lot of respect for Judy after she wouldn’t debate with Andy Kaufman in one group discussion over the whole issue of viruses being contagious pathogens. She just played the Prima Donna and clung to her “I discovered the Aids Virus” badge.
    There’s no proof the SARS COV 2 “virus” exists and in fact there’s no proof that any of the particles they are calling viruses are deadly pathogens.
    It’s admitted that viruses are inert, they have no metabolism, no digestive system, no reproductive system and no mobility…. a bit limiting for a deadly killer wouldn’t you say?
    Something may be causing the severe symptoms they are calling “Covid 19” but my view is it’s either a bio-warfare agent or is linked to 5G/radiation effects.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes Stevie, nail on the head when you say:

      “There’s no proof the SARS COV 2 “virus” exists and in fact there’s no proof that any of the particles they are calling viruses are deadly pathogens.
      It’s admitted that viruses are inert, they have no metabolism, no digestive system, no reproductive system and no mobility…. a bit limiting for a deadly killer wouldn’t you say?”

      And, yes, there is “something”. You give 2 good possibilities for what it is. Tap has suggested Asian flu too

      Having had covid then, I know that, whatever it is then, it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It didn’t feel “normal” to me. My daughter said the same too when she had it. She had 7 days of fever and is now shedding hair as a result [poor lass, hair is a big thing for women, certainly not for an old baldy like me]

    • ian says:

      All of our information gathering is exceedingly difficult. We, or should I say, I, can only look at information and make a decision on the likelihood of it being correct. We all have different opinions on different aspects, of information.

      A kind of odd example would be, take football. I am not a great football fan. My sons are both fanatical. I sometimes end up watching it, and say for example a deliberate foul happens. They’ll really agitated and shout at the TV. I’ll say, I could stop all that. These footballers are on silly money as wages. If they make a deliberate foul, just send them off, ban them, and tell them to get a job at Tesco’s. NO, they say, you couldn’t do that, it would spoil the game. They love the game the way it is with it’s vague wishy washy sometimes unfair rules.

      TV is like that for many, they see it as far from perfect, but a proxy friend. It allows the social engineers to work on them without their knowledge. The internet too is full of mixed information, mostly controlled but not all. Most are happy with social media and youtube. The rest of it is at your own risk.

      Would the controllers anticipate resistance to the Covid agenda, of course they did. Blocking, Factchecking, removing. Would they put up Judas goats, to lead us to slaughter, I’m 100% sure that they will.

      Is Judy Mikovits a fraud, I don’t think so, but I don’t know. All we can do is dodge along and react as new information becomes available.

      Ok a bit of a disjointed comment, just to point out that we all see things slightly differently, or meant to.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Ian, well said. I agree with most of that [not the football bit though!]