Data Doesn’t Lie, People Lie


We have been lied to by our Government and the so called Health Officials. I can’t comment on why, only they know the real truth, whether it be from greed, some weird utopian wish or another unknown reason.

What remains is this; two main treatments from the Frontline Doctors include treatments of either Hydroxycloroquine or addition to vitamins and zinc decrease the severity of the Covid-19 virus. They are the ONLY proven treatments that not only lessen the severity, but almost entirely keep a patient out of the hospital! Yet the FDA has recommended an unsafe, almost deadly drug as the only in hospital treatment for Covid-19, and that drug is Remdesivir.

Dr Fauci tried this deadly drug decades ago on HIV patients with disastrous results. Remdesivir killed more patients than it helped. It killed patients the same way it’s killing them now…Renal Failure.

The World Health Organization warned against this horrid drug, but for some unknown political reasons the FDA chose to ignore it. This drug has a well-known history of renal failure. Across ALL age groups it kills 25% of those who had it administered, but the elderly are particularly susceptible. Which begs yet another question. Donald Trump was given this drug to recover from Covid-19, that was a pretty big risk for the President of the United States, or was death what they intended?

I have included a map of World Wide Covid-19 infection for a reason, please click on the map to see it in full size. If you will notice infection in Africa is practically nothing, why is it that an underdeveloped nations within Africa have no Covid-19? Here’s the answer, Africa as a nation was besieged by a parasitic disease known as River Blindness or Onchocerciasis. Here’s the answer! Ivermectin was used almost 4 decades to not only stop the parasite but also used prophylactically to avoid the parasitic infestation. In a nation that has less than 1% vaccination rate this speaks volumes.

In one state in India with a population close to the United States population, where only 15% of the population has been vaccinated they instituted a massive protocol of vitamins, zinc, certain antibiotics, and Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and now claim that the Covid-19 virus is non- existent there.

How can our Country be so advanced medically and be so corrupt politically? Why do we allow hospitals to institute a protocol for Covid-19 that kills 25% of the patients? Is it just for greed or are they really trying to kill us?

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