1. ian says:

    Dan Andrews is a short arse little dictator. Sort of how Frankfurt school Marxism works. Take anyone who feels inferior, for whatever reason. Height, ability, sexuality, race, intelligence etc etc, bolster them and tell them yes you’re stupid, but it’s easy for clever folks, they fly though it, yet you have to work really hard yet get nowhere, how is that fair. You should be rewarded for having difficulty, those smart assholes. Chose your own adjectives and outcomes.
    Most Dictators were short arses.

    Re David2. You appeared, and have been a pain since you started, honestly. Tap or Mike can kick me the f*ck off here if they want.
    You are continually out of touch with the other commenters on here, yet seem to have extremely accurate information on the intentions of the Vaxx programme, Please put my mind at rest D2, are you a spook?, obviously not a good one, but who the F*ck are you.???

    • David 2 says:

      Ian, sorry to disappoint you. As you astutely observe I am not a spook. I can equally ask who the f*ck are you?

      If you can answer that question then you most probably have my answer.

      I have permission to present items that appear to be interesting. I regard many of them as temporal markers that show changes which are taking place.

      My perspective and comments are open for debate. I always try to add information in my comments and try to remain positive.

      You should not be kicked off the site for questioning. We should question, all of the time. I believe we have been lied to for most of our lives, so question away. Apart for questioning, how else do we reason things out for ourselves?

      I am not your enemy and we all need friends.

  2. Gordon says:

    “You should not be kicked off the site for questioning. We should question, all of the time.”

    Well, that’s precisely what happened to me after being co-editor for many years I was eventually terminated by Henry for telling the truth and for having conflicting views regarding Ralph Ellis and others.
    Even of late my comment on “The next Frankenstein pathogen to escape from a lab might not be as benign as COVID,” which vanished into thin air which incidentally, in my opinion, Magburg is the most likely candidate with a near 90% death rate within 10 days of catching it.

    Truth is, I’ve always been a free thinking individual that turns every stone questioning everything but equally respects everyone’s point of view even if I disagree but will never ever be a yes man and if asked for an honest answer I will give an honest answer unlike like Andrews and many other politicians whom exemplify their ignorance by their conduct being that of a squirming brat.

    • David 2 says:

      Life is complex.

      I looked up the definition of “to question” and found several. We could debate back and forth.

      I prefer the definition “enquire” rather than some of the others such as “quiz” or “discussion” or some some more aggressive definitions such as “penetrate”

      My humble understanding: to question, is to always have an open mind.

      Life is much more complex. We can never assume that we have the definitive answer.