‘Count’ Schallenberg Relies on Heavily Ramped Up Testing to Generate His Brand of Tyranny

ER Editor: To generate more false claims of Covid cases rising in Austria, it seems an old, well-worn trick is being resorted to – cranking up the testing (PCR again?) by TEN TIMES. And not only has mortality among the elderly been rising following vaccination, but it seems especially so for the ‘booster’ (3rd) shot. As some sage observers have commented, if they haven’t got us on the first two injections, they’ll get us on the 3rd. 

What follows is an opinion piece from an expert Austrian group calling themselves Initiative for Evidence-based Corona Information.

‘This is a desperate attack on the entire population’


The Austrian Chancellor Is Not Unanimously Supported: ‘The Monarchy No Longer Exists”


Editor’s note: On November 5, we relayed an article by Dr. Christian Fiala, vice-president of the new Austrian party MFG, which is itself linked to the reinformation website Initiative für Evidenzbasierte corona Information (ICI). (ER: Initiative for Evidence-based Corona Information)

Today, as the Federal Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, has just announced the lockdown of the non-vaccinated, we relay a French (ER: English) translation of their press release on this subject, with their kind permission.


TRIBUNE – Vienna (OTS) – When Alexander, Count Schallenberg, wants to lockdown the non-vaccinated and make life “unpleasant for them”, he is only provoking and dividing people in order to force them to be injected with a doubtful product.

It may, however, become unpleasant for the ex-Count himself, when it becomes known that the current panic is a house of cards collapsing before our eyes – and he will have to answer for it. Corona infections are no longer rampant, contrary to what the government-fed press suggests.

The official figures unquestionably show a massive decline in these infections. The percentage is only 10%, from the November 2020 finding. If the figure for positive tests is just as high, it means absolutely nothing. Currently, ten times as many tests are being performed as a year ago; in 2020, only 20,000 to 30,000 covid tests were being performed per day, and right now it’s 200,000 to 300,000. On November 12, 2021, the official number is 374,000 tests per day. It is obvious that there are few infections, since it takes ten times as many tests to arrive at a more or less equivalent number of positive tests. As the president of the federation recently told us, the injections offer no protection to those who are vaccinated or to others. While one of the president’s staff members, despite having received a two-dose injection, came down with Covid-19, the president – who claims to have received a three-dose injection – had to telework.

Is it possible to explain more accurately to the public the complete uselessness of the injections?

Excess mortality following third dose in Israel

Worrying information is reaching us from Israel, “champion” of injections. At the beginning of the year, the majority of the population received two doses and in August, the third, especially the elderly.

In a very short period of time following the first two vaccination campaigns, there has been an explosion in mortality among the elderly. The curve of deaths is particularly marked following the third dose, and it must be emphasized that during the summer, there was no excess of mortality due to other possible causes.

Vaccinees themselves victims of deception

At the beginning, only one dose was required, but now, after only four months, the booster dose is required. The vaccinated will not benefit much from this, since they too are required to be tested and to wear the mask. And soon they, too, will be confined. With the help of a press that is well-fed with official advertisements, the government is trying to distract their attention by using the non-vaccinated as a scapegoat.

“Whatever the case, this system will collapse because there is no factual justification for these measures. This is a desperate attack on the entire population. Chancellor Schallenberg is clearly behaving like a small provincial count who, in an attempt to subdue his subjects, pulls back on the reins when they refuse to comply. In a democracy, the government is elected by its people, who pay their salaries through taxes. In these circumstances, it is urgent to hold new elections, in order to seek democratic legitimacy. Otherwise, the people will stop playing this game in the short term”, said Dr. Christian Fiala, from Initiative Corona Info.

The original press release is here.



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‘Count’ Schallenberg Relies on Heavily Ramped Up Testing to Generate His Brand of Tyranny