CDC pursuing super-spreader international flight policy to keep the pandemic going

Image: CDC pursuing super-spreader international flight policy to keep the pandemic going, while Australia announces importation of vaccinated super-spreaders who are promised to infect everyone


The Australian government says they are purposely importing Covid via vaccinated people, but the CDC says only vaccinated people can fly to America so we can stop the spread of Covid, so which is it? The U.S. government claims to have lost their patience with “anti-vaxxers,” but when you hear that it’s actually vaccinated people who are spreading Covid, with over 250 times the viral load in their nostrils, then maybe it’s the vaccinated that need to be banned from international travel.

Let’s take a look at the science, but first, prepare yourself for more illogical news and hypocritical mandates from world governments that claim they do everything for citizen safety, when obviously the latest dire contradictions expose their idiocy and/or evil plotting.

United States international travel rules for Covid “safety” just changed, and now travelers can fly here from just about anywhere in the world if they have a vaccine card that proves they are “fully vaccinated” and recently tested negative on a routinely false-positive PCR test.

Yet, in Australia, government officials announced they will be spreading Covid on purpose to all of the unvaccinated people by flying in VACCINATED people, so the strategy is the exact opposite from CDC guidelines. Is the true goal for America to use vaccinated people to spread Covid to all the unvaccinated? Sure sounds like it.

Oxford University Clinical Study reveals vaccinated patients carry over 250 times the Covid viral load in their nostrils, compared to the unvaccinated

If you have not begun questioning the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines, you should begin now. A study published in the Lancet and conducted by the Oxford University Clinical Research Group reveals it’s the vaccinated folks who are much more likely to spread Covid, as opposed to the mainstream theory that is not rooted in science, and blames the unvaccinated for higher rates of transmission.

Though Covid vaccines can moderate the symptoms of the viral infection, it also lets the vaccinated patient carry shockingly HIGH viral loads before they show symptoms, making them unknowing super-spreaders. This completely dismantles herd theory, because the “herd” is infecting the herd before anyone even realizes what is happening.

Dial it back to Australia, where the government admits on VIDEO at a public news briefing they are using the vaccinated as weapons to import Covid-19 into the country.

Now the common sense question beckons all vaccine fanatics to address: Why are we giving a “free pass” to international travel into the US for the vaccinated?

Lots of rules and guidelines from the CDC that ENSURE Covid spreads all over America, again, via international travel

The US has opened the gates for nearly all foreign travelers and people returning to the U.S. with Covid who are vaccinated and carrying the virus in their nostrils. All passengers will need proof of vaccination and a recent negative PCR test within the past 72 hours (with only a few exceptions that will most likely be impossible to obtain). Their goal? – To “restore more normal travel while limiting the spread of Covid-19.”

Which vaccines will you need? Most of them. Combinations of Moderna, J&J and Pfizer will be accepted. No nasal swab tests prior to boarding will be necessary. Other vaccinated super-spreaders can simply walk into America from Mexico or Canada, or take the ferry. This is why the Biden Regime imports illegal immigrants and transports them to metropolitan cities, especially Republican-leaning ones. Now the Covid Regime plans to spread Covid throughout the U.S. using international travel and undercover vaccinated-sheeple nostrils.

This is why vaccinated super-spreaders carrying Covid are being rushed into Australia, and now America, in order to keep the pandemic going forever.

This just in: “We will be bringing in virus through the borders in vaccinated people,” declares the Premier of Queensland Jeannette Young. Watch at the 7 minutes, 45 seconds mark where the Premier of Queensland, Australia literally says they’re going to be bringing in the Covid virus through vaccinated people.

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