BMJ Editor Dr. Peter Doshi Gives Evidence to Expert Panel on Medical Mandates and Covid Injection Injuries

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson held a three-hour panel discussion in Washington D.C. with doctors and medical researchers who treat Covid injection injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to Covid injections.

Dr. Peter Doshi, Editor of the British Medical Journal (“BMJ”), gave his testimony:

“I found it fascinating to learn that Merriam Webster changed its definition of ‘vaccine’ earlier this year.  mRNA products did not meet the definition of ‘vaccine’ that has been in place for 15 years at Merriam Webster but the definition was expanded such that mRNA products are now ‘vaccines’.  I highlight this to ask a question.

“How would you feel about mandating Covid vaccines if we didn’t call them ‘vaccines’?  What if these injections are called drugs instead?

“So, here’s the scenario: we have this ‘drug’ and we have evidence that it doesn’t prevent infection, nor does it stop viral transmission, but the ‘drug’ is understood to reduce your risk of becoming very sick and dying of Covid. Would you take a dose of this ‘drug’ every six months or so for possibly the rest of your life, if that’s what it took for the drug to stay effective?”

Watch the full Expert Panel on Medical Mandates and Vaccine Injuries (3 hours) on The Highwire HERE. Dr. Doshi’s testimony begins at 1:18:11.