Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker: Chlorine Dioxide is a 100% effective cure for covid

Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker has developed a 100% effective cure for COVID-19 and all its variations. He has been researching a substance called chlorine dioxide for over 13 years.  NASA labeled this substance ‘The Universal Antidote’ in 1987.  His treatment was first used for COVID-19 by the military, police and politicians in Bolivia, who all recovered in four days. A law was then passed making it a nationwide treatment. As a result, the rate of 100 deaths a day went down to virtually zero. A clinical trial then confirmed the efficacy of this treatment against COVID-19.

Now over 5,000 physicians in 25 nations use chlorine dioxide (or in short, CDS) to save lives. 

Andreas Kalcker, however, encountered something astonishing: the moment it became known that his treatment was curing people from Covid, he was massively censored. All his social media pages were take down, his scientific account on was deleted, his book was removed from Amazon, and he has been slandered all over the internet. It is obvious that this cure for Covid must be hidden at all costs.

Learn about chlorine dioxide – the Universal Antidote – and discover WHY Andreas Kalcker has been censored, in the following video. 



The clinical study showed that chlorine dioxide is effective in patients treated with oral ClO2, and that its use in the COVID-19 pandemic becomes and positions itself as a great hope for control of the pandemic, based on the scientific foundations revealed in previous research. We are looking at a solution that can end the pandemic, now scientifically proven: CDS saves lives!


This video explains how you can easily make your own Chlorine Dioxide. You can also see protocols, download a course, or buy books teaching the use of CDS.

Chlorine Dioxide:
The Universal Antidote


The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide

NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time, thousands have recovered from various illnesses using this substance, and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications. The documentary below explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it.


The first part of this interactive reference guide is designed to give you quick access to all of
the information presented in the movie documentary, The Universal Antidote. It includes
the script of the documentary and references provided throughout the script as it
progresses. This will allow an investigator to quickly look up all of the references as the
documentary progresses. The second portion of this interactive reference guide provides the reader with links and citations to all of the research that was uncovered during a two year investigation of CDS.


The producer of The Universal Antidote has a Telegram channel with a lot of videos and information about chlorine dioxide. It’s a great resource if you want to learn more about this miracle cure.


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2 Responses to “Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker: Chlorine Dioxide is a 100% effective cure for covid”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Oxygen cures Covid as does Ozone, which also cures the spike protein effects, according to Dr Makwits. I guess (not watched yet although I read similar before) Chlorine Dioxide is just another way to deliver oxygen. Is Clo2 a way to stop Ozone from getting looked at, the cure proposed by Dr Makowits for both COVID and the spike protein.
    COVID cures are two a penny – Ivermectin, hydrochloroquine (quercetin) and ozone/oxygen. What we now need to focus on are the cures for the vaccine injuries to the immune system – to the spike protein. Does Clo2 defeat the spike protein? Anyone know?

    • ROTH says:

      Well we’re told that Ivermectin defeats the spike protein, a few doctors have come out and explained that including John Campbell and Judy Mikovits.

      Ozone would be handy though, as so far they haven’t deemed fit to ban ozone generators as they have the base ingredients of ClO2 i.e. sodium chlorite.