1. ian says:

    It seems there’s still folks who think their government serves them. Wakey wakey.

  2. David 2 says:

    I would rank this with one of the greatest of all time.

    We should all listen to every word and pray.

    • ian says:

      We should all listen to every word and pray.

      If you feel that it would help you David, please feel free, but leave me out of it. This guy is like Max Igan. He’s not a happy camper, and rightly so.
      The government does not serve the people and never really did. It serves the self proclaimed elite and billionaires. Being really angry at them does nothing. His speech shows that he believes in the system, and ranting manner will stir a few, but most in fact all of those in need of wakening won’t see it. He’s wanting someone to create a caretaker government. It won’t happen,

      Total non compliance, is the best option, but trying to wake people is nigh on impossible.

      David, my sister, is a lovely caring person like someone out of an Emily Bronte novel. Her husband nearly died of a heart attack after the vaxx, I’ve tried on many occasions to wake her, but I am viewed as nut job.

      I know from past experience that 99% are gonna stay with the mainstream, and no amount of proof or evidence is going to make them change their minds. Look at JFK the moon landings, 9/11, 7/7. Proof means nothing unless it’s on TV.

      End of rant.

      • David 2 says:

        That was a nice rant and almost as good as the Australian pilot giving his wake up message to the world.

        I preferred his rant because he described the forced injection as RAPE and all the pushers of the jab as rapists!

        I have four daughters and they all took the jab. Two have said they will not take the booster, which shows a degree of repentance.

        As for “we should listen to every word and pray”. PROVIDING the prayer is humble, there is nothing to criticise.

        What do you think prayer is? If we listen to the Old Testament, then a certain creed ask God for compassion. If we listen to the New Testament, it is a creed asking for someone related to God to intervene out of compassion and save us.

        Some believe in guardian angels or find dead saints to pray to.

        For the most part the intentions are probably right, for the one reason and that is a moment of humility. Humility is the most sincere and probably the only form of prayer.

        The Luciferian politicians, the central bankers, the billionaires who rape society have no humility. If they had one ounce of goodness or humility, they would not subject humanity to poverty, illness and loss of freedom.

        There is another type of people, they are too lazy to take responsibility for their own lives. They pray to Trump or some politician to intervene and save America or the world!