Another Elite Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out on Stew Peters

ER Editor: It would appear that victim reports of elite pedophilia rings on a global scale are beginning to gain traction. That in itself is curious as these stories, no matter how shocking and believable, no matter how much in the public interest, never see the light of day, with stories of whistleblowers being continuously stalked and threatened, or killed (e.g. UK journalist Jill Dando). The infamous Jimmy Savile debacle in the UK only got revealed once he was dead; other figures associated with the decades-old story were either dead (e.g. Cyril Smith), terminally ill quite out of the blue (Leon Britten) or incapable of testifying due to ‘Alzheimer’s’ (Lord Janner), etc. A few celebrities went down after this but never top politicians, and NEVER the Royals. That was the natural order of things.


A little while ago we published the video of UK trafficking victim Jeanette Archer speaking on a megaphone to a small crowd for an entire 50 minutes outside Windsor Castle – with police visible in the distance – as she cogently points fingers at this elite pedophile ring. Which she claims involved the Queen and Prince Philip, as well as locations such as Windsor Castle itself, Balmoral and Buckingham Palace. That she was able to do so without being stopped almost immediately and taken away is very indicative that likely the Queen is no longer with us. This is a 180 degree turn around from the Savile days. See –

Survivor Jeanette Archer Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children [VIDEO].


Readers may be familiar with a 3-minute video taken ostensibly by a tourist around Buckingham Palace, which captured a naked teenager scrambling out of one of its windows. See this brief report with video from a 2019 Covert Geopolitics post, EXPOSED: Child Escaping from Buckingham Palace Naked.


Now Stew Peters has picked up the story of Ally Carter, and gives her rather more sympathetic treatment than he did with Madyson Marquette some time ago. Marquette named Biden as one of her perpetrators but the Ashley Biden diaries had not yet been revealed.

It is clear that Peters credits Ashley Biden’s plausible diary with giving credibility to stories such as Carter’s. This is surely retrospectively true for Marquette’s.

Madyson Marquette claims to have testified many times at the military tribunals of deep state figures allegedly taking place in a variety of official locations. Evidence for these tribunals still needs to be disclosed. Her story reveals the same kind of playbook that Carter’s or Archer’s does. In those videos, she mentions names like Joe Biden and George Soros, among others, including evangelical figures and Hollywood actors. Carter invokes the name of Biden, too, and Obama, and claims she was taken to Buckingham Palace as Jeanette Archer also claims. See this video (“They Picked the Wrong Girls” on Carmen Smith Studer’s Youtube channel) for Madyson.

Why these stories are getting exposure now, at this time, is entirely up for speculation but somehow the tide seems to be turning. Finally.

Here is some of the introduction Stew Peters provides for this video:

Our next guest may have the wildest personal story we’ve ever heard.

Ally Carter grew up in the school of hard knocks, to say the least. She was one of six girls in a troubled home. Her parents were affiliated with the Black Panthers, the radical black separatist group. Maybe that’s to blame for what happened to her.

Ally says that her biological mother routinely slept with authority figures, and soon initiated her own children into the same practices. Ally said her mom would hand her over to be abused by the local police chief. She would take her to a trap house, just to be abused. When she coped with the pain by running away or harming herself, she was rewarded by being placed in new foster care homes, where instead of her mother it was teenage boys and foster fathers who abused her.


Here are some points raised in the video:

  • (intro) Peters: ‘Ashley Biden’s diary is real’. Peters reviews her childhood history. Ally Carter tried to post her story on Instagram in July 2020, but was blocked on account of the upcoming election.
  • She was trafficked through many elite places, including Buckingham Palace and the Getty Museum in LA (underground) and Hollywood parties, while being under the care of Child Protection Services (CPS).
  • Her mother started this life for her. CPS were called constantly from the age of 3 months. At the age of 13, after a suicide attempt, CPS entered the picture: she was put in a mental hospital, then into foster care. A pimp, whom CPS officially labelled a ‘boyfriend’, was trafficking her services and CPS knew this. She was even taken out of the country by this man and was told to keep quiet about it by social workers. She claims that while we know the big names in this business (she names Biden, Obama, Michelle Obama, and Stephen Tyler among others), we need to pay attention to people at far lower levels. “I was trafficked to people within my schools. I was trafficked in underground tunnels that link under your schools, through your cemeteries, under your amusement parks, through Universal Studios and into Hollywood elite homes, all over the place, all over the world. People can’t fathom that … there are 200 children missing, and there’s 300 children missing … how many times do you receive an amber alert every year? … People don’t want to face it…”
  • She claims to have had sexual encounters with Obama, Biden, Michelle and Stephen Tyler. Carter talks about the underground tunnels containing all sorts of transportation in many locales. She was sold to Joe Biden ‘multiple times’, for ‘blow jobs and sex’. ‘There are millions just like me. There are millions far worse than me.’ She alludes to children getting their blood drained for creating a ‘fountain of youth’, presumably referring to adrenochrome production. “People have many sick fetishes, and the Hollywood elite, we sign their paychecks every single day – when you stream their music, when you buy something from their brands … their image is not what you think it is. They’re sick, evil people.”
  • She reveals the attitude of the authorities toward kids in foster care and how their self-esteem is conditioned to be broken. She attended 19 high schools in a single year, and never stayed in a place longer than a month. “I was never in a home.” She was passed on because nobody wanted to deal with the problem. Her own adoptive mother had gone to various legal figures to address the problem, but she was shut down and made out to be crazy. Carter was always dealt with as ‘crazy’ yet would go back to her homes showing evidence of physical harm. CPS is a cover up, an agency that trades in children. Some social workers are not corrupt but cannot speak up. Police have a freemason component, too, which protects this kind of activity. Carter and her adoptive mother have been harassed continually for well over a year.
  • Carter has lots of evidence of her claims in the form of reports, rape kits, videos, etc. that nobody wants to see.
  • “MK Ultra and DID exist”. MK Ultra is used on Hollywood elites. It’s part of the control matrix; it’s like having a remote control over someone’s life and nobody knows who’s pushing the buttons.
  • She claims staff in her schools were complicit in what was happening because she would be taken to school, then picked up by her pimp for the day. Yet the teachers would sign her as being present. Many people in the school were notified of the problem, and social workers documented it, but nobody acted on it.
  • Why are cops, investigators and federal agents ignoring this? ‘Because they’re all customers.’ Everybody’s worried about people at the top, but people around us at the local level are complicit. The good people don’t dare to speak out because, aside from losing their jobs, they can be harassed continually for the rest of their lives.
  • Peters: ‘We’ve all heard about these tunnels’ since the start of the Trump presidency. Carter makes it clear that Trump has never been heard of in relation to these elite pedophile activities.
  • Children of all ages are also having their organs harvested, and many have their bodies used as suitcases for shipping things over borders. Organs that are harvested are sold on the black market and sent to our hospitals. Which is why human organs for transplant are so expensive.
  • Peters: ‘Someone somewhere is going to hear this that has the balls, that has the authority and that has the courage and that knows what is right.’


Another Elite Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out on Stew Peters [VIDEO]