1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Sad really: just more false hope being peddled to the cowardly and the lazy who think some super hero or corrupt court of lawlessness can and will rescue us.
    It’s this kind of nonsense we can definitely do without. Just makes the deluded fools more inclined to rest on their laurels, continue obeying the hateful tyrants that control them and do NOTHING. Which will inevitably lead to them experiencing yet more debilitating levels of disappointment and further deepening their state of depression and anxiety.

  2. David 2 says:

    A person or a nation is ruled by the head, by the heart or by the guts. Usually one of these predominates and you can observe which one.

    Obviously a balance is preferable.

    Authoritarian societies are ruled by the head and this manifests in the draconian laws that are dreamt up.

    I have been to Australia approximately sixteen times and at one stage pondered moving there. I found the people to have great heart and a way of dealing with life that shows care for others.

    Watching this video and seeing people longing for freedom was heartwarming.

    Politics is a dirty business and the result can go either way. The heart of the Australian people will not necessarily follow what the corrupt political monsters advocate.

    Ruled by their heart is perhaps a blessing for the Australian people. It is infectious and love overcomes obstacles.

    Fingers are crossed and that comes from the heart.