3rd EU Press Conference to Protest Digital Health Pass & Mandatory Jab

ER Editor: This is the 3rd press conference led by Roumanian MEP Cristian Terhes and his Croatian colleagues, which a new Lithuanian Green party colleague has joined, MEP Stasys Jakeliunas. He begins the press conference with his comments on the validity of Covid statistics as a driver of policy.

  • Statistics: 3 institutions are responsible for statistical information in the EU – Eurostat and ECDC (we’re not sure of the 3rd one – the ESS?). All of them say that the only reliable and comparable data on the Covid problem is EXCESS MORTALITY. The Euromomo system shows normal excess mortality since the END of FEBRUARY, 2021. So there is no pandemic anymore. ‘Case notification rates’ is not relevant to this decision. Especially for children, there has never been any excess mortality for them. So the mandatory Covid pass is going to be introduced for 12 year olds and up next month in Lithuania, but there is no justification for it. He’s worried about data manipulation in this circumstance. He is urging that a recent recommendation be used in defining ‘cases’, where both clinical symptoms of respiratory problems AND a lab test are used. Which requires a doctor’s judgement. We don’t have an acute pandemic that we had a year or so ago.
  • MEP Ivan Sincic: A few weeks ago digital covid certificates were made mandatory in Croatia, which caused almost instant opposition. On Nov. 20, we had a massive, historic rally in Zagreb. (#Zagreb protests) A clear message was sent to the Croatian govt. against discrimination and segregation caused by its policies, against media censorship and the oppression of dissenting medical & scientific opinions. They were protesting for fundamental human rights and constitutional rights. The Croatian govt still claims that the unvaccinated are spreading the virus 20 times more than the vaccinated, whereas recent research in The Lancet shows the chances of spreading the virus are about the same. The Croatian govt won’t change its stance. So in view of that, the digital green certificate remains a license to spread and infect. But public protests are not enough. We need groups and movements around Europe that go to the next level, including specialist groups such as lawyers, doctors, journalists and politicians. We have to make this political. Politicians do not generally fear public protests. We have seen protests in many countries such as Italy and France, etc. but this hasn’t yet convinced politicians to change their illogical policies. ‘This is why we have to hit them where it hurts; we have to make it political.’ The DGC (digital green certificate) must be made political. The DGC started in Brussels and it is where it must be stopped. He calls on citizens to stand together.
  • MEP Cristian Terhes: he reminds us of the previous press conference where he showed contracts signed with the vaccine companies and Ursula von der Leyen (EU Commission). Significant portions were so redacted that the documents were unreadable (see image below). So neither the citizens of the EU nor their elected representatives know what is in these contracts. So Article 1 of the Treaty of the EU has been violated (this article says that decisions must be made as openly as possible, and as close to the citizens as possible). This is the difference between tyranny and democracy. When you know everything about your govt, that is democracy; when the govt knows everything about you, that is tyranny. These contracts are worth BILLIONS of euros (we don’t know the exact figures), yet we don’t know what is in them. In April 2021, the Commissioner for Justice came into the Parliament for a plenary session. The proposal put forward for the green certificate had to show non-discrimination practices and data protection. The regulation for the green certificate says it must be non-discriminatory. The majority of the Parliament believed and trusted this commissioner, voting for the green pass, and look where we are right now – people cannot go to work in Europe without this, and cannot travel or go into shops without it. For Terhes and his colleagues, they aren’t allowed to enter the Parliament without a green certificate. Terhes and his colleagues are holding their ground. Terhes won’t be prevented from entering the Parliament. They have received thousands of e-mails from European citizens about this injustice, who are being conditioned by a certificate which doesn’t prove anything since the vaccinated can also spread the virus. A person with a negative test can become positive after they leave the testing place. What kind of Europe do we want? A tyrannical Europe like the USSR was before, lacking fundamental rights, overseen by a bureaucracy where rights are seen as privileges? (He reads a regulation out loud.) Are the Commission and the member states complying with this regulation and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU: (he reads out the regulations, including that of free and informed consent for citizens). Now in Austria people can’t exercise their fundamental rights without being vaccinated against their will. The side effects of vaccines are not being acknowledged, and neither are people’s rights. We are slowly transitioning from democracy to tyranny in the EU. All 4 speakers are from countries which had communist systems historically. ‘We all lived in tyranny. We know what that is. That’s the reason why we are speaking up.’  Terhes shows pictures of Roumanian stores (see featured image) where the vaccinated use one entrance, the nonvaccinated another. ‘There are walls in these stores separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Guys, is this the kind of Europe we want to be living in?’ (Q&A session follows)


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3rd EU Press Conference to Protest Digital Health Pass & Mandatory Jab [VIDEO]