Words I wrote in 2012


Vaccinations are being used to increase disease across the world.

Bill Gates has stated that the intended cessation of world population growth will be brought about by means of vaccination. And he doesn’t mean by enabling more babies to survive, people will decide to stop breeding. He means through sterility and death, from viruses and lethal toxins like mercury.

‘Cot death’ and ‘shaken baby syndrome’ are cover stories for infant vaccination mortality. For advice consult www.mercola.com or www.vactruth.com. Be particularly cautious of mass pandemic vaccination campaigns which have caused mass illness and deaths in the past.

In 2012, a worldwide flu vaccination is being prepared to ‘vaccinate’ 5 billion people. Don’t trust it. Don’t have it. Keep your kids away from it. The vaccine is very dangerous.

Vaccines that don’t kill or sterilise individuals, in any case delay development and lower IQ, creating a more compliant population, less able and willing to complain.  Vaccination disables the human immune system making people more prone to illnesses of all kinds.  Read Dr Carley’s websites for details.  Other mass medication programmes such as anti-depressants, statins and anti-biotics are also discussed in the blog.

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  1. David 2 says:


    I think you will be very interested in this deposition – Stanley Plotkin v Aaron Siri. Plotkin is The Godfather of vaccines, I think it is should Devil-father of vaccines!

    If you are interested in vaccines then it is worth following all the 9 hour deposition.

    A shortened version is on the LIVEWIRE with Del Bigtree and this is a must view for everyone. I had hoped that they would provide a shortened clip that could be posted on your website. However just click on the link for the latest episode and forward to 2hr and 15 minutes.

    IT IS A MUST SEE!! https://thehighwire.com/WATCH/