Winter deaths surge confidently predicted as government prepares vital excuses

by Sam Johansson

The flu, having inexplicably taken a holiday for a year (world wide cases down by 400 million) to be replaced by a bug with – by a bizarre coincidence – the same symptoms, infectiousness and case fatality rate, is expected to make a comeback this winter.

This has been confidently predicted by the government which is equally confidently predicting 60 000 deaths, although the research and scientific. data upon which these predictions are based have not yet been explained.

This follows an admission by the CDC in the US that the PCR test could not after all distinguish between Cov19 and the various influenzas and will, due to this serious flaw, be withdrawn from use this winter. This admission of course throws into doubt the numbers the government has been publishing for Cov19 “cases” as it now looks almost certain that many or most of these alleged cases were in fact influenza.

Government sources have until now claimed the disappearance of the flu as a success for its lockdowns even while the lockdowns did not work on the near-identical Cov19.

These latest revelations now explain those contradictions although many observers claim with some justification that this shows the nation may have been subjected to a large-scale fraud on the part of government ministers and officials.

So this winter Cov19 cases will be called “flu”. This will enable the gov to:

(a) claim that Cov19 has been eradicated by the Cov19 injections when in fact it has just been re-labelled – a reverse of the same trick that was used to create the alleged Cov19 epidemic in the first place.

(b) blame the covid-like illnesses resulting from the wrecking of the immune system by the Cov19 vaccines on “the flu”.

Many are predicting that for those very reasons it will be a very bad “flu”.

It will strike those vaccinated against Cov19 disproportionately hard and in disproportionately high numbers because the Cov-vaxed will be almost defenceless in the face of infections due to their tanked immune systems.

“The flu” will not of course satisfactorily explain the many other illnesses caused by the Cov19 injections, such as heart attacks, blood clots, auto-immune disorders, infertility, miscarriages and so on.

One observer said,

“The damage done to the immune system by the Cov19 19 shots, the Cov19 second shots, the Cov19 booster shots, the second Cov19 booster shots will be further complicated by additional load placed on the body by the flu shots and then any subsequent flu shots the gov’s imaginary scientists will “discover” you “need”.”

It is not known what this “vaccine overload” as many are calling it will do to the human body because it has never been researched. However if a control group of unvaccinated people can be maintained, this will eventually become plain many years up the line by comparing the long term health of the unvaccinated with the over-vaccinated. Critics however feel that this method, which involves in essence turning the whole society into a research laboratory in which the citizenry are guinea pigs is a recklessly dangerous approach compared with traditional controlled laboratory experiments, albeit it does, being self-financing, save the pharmaceutical industry billions in research costs.

It should not be forgotten that the flu shots also have their safety issues and their very limited effectiveness is well known.

It is, however, feared that these shots, on top of experimental Cov19 shots that have already accrued in a few months many times more adverse reactions and deaths that all other vaccines combined IN HISTORY could worsen an already catastrophic situation.

Yet one advantage of the flu shots that cannot be easily ignored is that they will enable the government’s many staunch friends in the pharmaceutical industry to add to the profits they have already made from the deadly Cov19 vaccines.

The government is already in considerable trouble following the discrediting of its Cov19 pandemic narrative and the uncovering of the procession of lies and statistical manipulations that contributed to the mass deception.

It faces very serious problems this winter should the predicted epidemic of illness and deaths resulting from its vaccine program and its false safety and efficacy claims materialise.

Some observers are predicting civil unrest and an eventual criminal investigation with the prosecution of responsible officials when thousands or possibly millions of people who feel they were bullied or conned or pressured into taking the injections on false pretenses start to fall ill or realise their lives have been shortened or ruined.

It is hoped by politicians and their accomplices now in the firing line that the predicted “flu” epidemic will enable them to shift the blame and deflect some of the heat.

However the groundswell of hostility to the government’s actions, the loss of both credibility and public support and the rising toll of injury and death caused by what is now recognised as its criminal malfeasance make the success of this ruse very unlikely.

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Winter deaths surge confidently predicted as government prepares vital excuses


2 Responses to “Winter deaths surge confidently predicted as government prepares vital excuses”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    If I were of the sociopathic persuasion, I would use the tried and tested method and blame someone else to divert suspicion from myself. In short, I would blame the UNVAXED, who will be resented by the unfortunate vaxed. The government, all spotlessly virtuous, good men and true would never stoop to such wiles….would they?

    • ian says:

      Hi Nixon, if you were in the top 1% of sociopaths within the hoi polloi, you would be like a first day at school pupil, compared to the assholes in charge. I’m not talking bojo or dementia Joe, but the real vicious, entitled, cruella devilles that run the show. they have the power of life and death over all of us. They can create war or pestilence at the drop of hat. Control economies, ruin whole countries, “read the diary of an economic hitman”. We aint gonna win here, the best we can hope for is a rising awareness that slows things down and makes them adjust their plans. Any thought of winning stems from delusional beliefs in democracy, ” chants of you serve us, etc” they don’t give a rats arse about us. Democracy too was their plan, but alas it has outgrown it’s usefulness. They now want many/ most of us dead, and those remaining, compliant puppets. They will achieve it, our only hope is to disrupt their timeline. I’d love to think that I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that I am.