What is disguised in the so-called synodal process?

From Chancellery of the Patriarchate

BCP: Panheresies of Bergoglianism and Synod on Synodality

The Synod on Synodality is to open in Rome on 9-10 October 2021. A week later, its gradual implementation will begin through so-called Episcopal conferences in individual nations.

The question arises: What is the hidden essence of this so-called synodal process?

1) Is it the abolition of the institution of the papacy or its further abuse for the autogenocidal process in the Church?

2) Is it the gradual transition of the Catholic Church to one religion – the anti-Church of the New Age? To completely satanize the world, the Masons seek to establish one government, one currency and one so-called religion. One world religion is to arise by merging apostate Christianity with paganism, which worships demons and Satan. The beginnings of paganization can be seen in the Nostra Aetate declaration (1965), in an apostate act in Assisi (1986), and its culmination in the Amazon Synod and the subsequent enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the Vatican (2019).

What is disguised in the so-called synodal process? We can know this in advance because we know who is promoting this synodal process. Bergoglio is not a valid Pope, because a panheretic cannot be the head of the Church. Bergoglio has excluded himself from the Church several times by reason of heresies that deny her essence. Like spirit, like fruit. Bergoglio does not defend the truths of faith that lead to salvation, but rather questions and undermines them. It is therefore quite clear that the synodal process prepared and implemented by him is the culmination of autogenocide of the Catholic Church, which Bergoglio started as early as 2013. When it comes to his heretical activities, he rightly appeals to the Second Vatican Council.

The Amazon Synod and its documents are a pack of heresies promoting demon-worshipping paganism. A certain cardinal referred to the documents as not just apostasy but the utmost stupidity. Bergoglio, however, did not stop with documents. He also made a specific act of public apostasy. He presided at a magical ritual with pagan sorcerers and sorceresses and enthroned their Pachamama demon in the major Basilica of St Peter. He thus publicly ridiculed the first and greatest commandment.

As for crimes against morality, Bergoglio promotes sodomy which the Scriptures warn against speaking of fire both temporal (2Pt 2:6) and eternal (Jud 1:7). Instead of calling for true repentance for this extremely serious sin and abomination, Bergoglio seeks its confirmation in an official marriage!

Bergoglio admitted that he had undergone psychiatric treatment for a long time. The reason was that he had committed crimes against the children of political prisoners during the coup in Argentina.

The greatest tragedy is that Catholics are so blind that they still say his name at every Mass as if he were true Pope, but he is not! Bergoglio is a professional religious impostor.

Regarding the synodal process, he uses the guise of so-called listening to and consulting the People of God. Bergoglio has already shown how he is listening. In the case of Amoris Laetitia, when four cardinals addressed him with the dubia, he has not answered them to this day. He “listened” in the same way to more than one hundred theologians and their Filial Correction. No answer to this day. However, he spends whole weekends listening to all kinds of sexual deviants, sodomites, transsexuals…

Apart from committing public idolatry, i.e. denying the First Commandment, and promoting sodomy, he currently promotes experimental mRNA vaccination condemned by the Nuremberg Code. The modified RNA vaccine contains tissue torn from a live unborn baby before it is killed. This is an element of satanization! This vaccine changes the human genome, which is a rebellion against God the Creator! It contains nanoparticles, so it is already part of the process of the chipization of mankind, which the Bible urgently warns against pointing to the punishment in the lake of fire! The current experimental vaccination is a means of planned genocide, i.e. reduction of the population to a so-called golden billion.

The purpose of the synodal process is to implant the heresies of Bergoglianism in the People of God through the Episcopal conferences and their trained leaders in individual nations. Bergoglianism denies the essence of the Christian faith and morals, and makes the Catholic Church an instrument of the satanic system promoting vaccination with the aim of perpetrating the genocide of humanity.

Every bishop or priest, if they want to be saved, must oppose Bergoglianism even at the cost of persecution and catacombs!

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

BCP: What is encrypted in the documents for the Synod on Synodality

The Synod on Synodality is to begin in the Vatican on 9 and 10 October 2021. A preparatory document and the so-called Vademecum have been published these days. This document has the same spirit and uses the same vocabulary as the mainstream media, which promote the ideology of the NWO and the New Age. It uses camouflage terminology and phrases that an ordinary Christian can hardly decipher. From the destructive activities of pseudo Pope Bergoglio, however, it is clear that this is a precisely prepared programme that is fully in line with the programme of the powers that be, namely to convert the Catholic Church into the New Age Babylon of pagan religions. These religions do not worship the one God and the Son of God, our Redeemer Jesus Christ, but demons and Satan. With his gesture of enthroning the Pachamama demon in the Vatican (2019), Bergoglio committed public idolatry, thus denying the First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods.” Because of this gesture of falling away from the one God, Bergoglio has brought curse on himself and has excluded himself from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. Every Christian must know that. Thus, Bergoglio is not a proper Pope, he has only usurped the papacy with the purpose of abusing it for self-destruction of the Church. Through the so-called synodal process, he will also destroy the very institution of the papacy. His goal is to realize the intentions of those in power, namely one government, one currency and one religion which will worship demons and Satan. This is the hidden goal of Bergoglio’s synodality.

Let us point out again that Bergoglio eradicates the essence of Christian morality by promoting the legalization of sodomite marriage. God warns against sodomy, speaking of temporal and eternal punishment. The Letter to the Romans reveals the causes of this anomaly. It is unbelief, idolatry and impenitence (Rom 1). We must realize that the ground for the spiritual crimes that Bergoglio is committing today against Christ and the faithful was already prepared by the Second Vatican Council. The Council also used ambiguous, cloaking definitions and gave tacit consent to the heresies of Modernism. This caused their subsequent explosion. In the Nostra Aetate declaration, it opened the door to a regard for pagan cults, and thus for their demons.

Today, Bergoglio is only completing the agenda of aggiornamento with the world. He vehemently promotes experimental mRNA vaccination, which has been radically opposed by top experts in immunology and virology. But he takes no account of these incorruptible scientists, who risk their lives for the sake of truth. Despite the facts about deaths and severe irreversible consequences, Bergoglio keeps repeating like a mantra: “Vaccine for all!” “It must be done!”

Recently, as part of the pro-vaccine propaganda, a book has been released containing his manipulative statements. Brief quote: “…so that everyone in the world has the same access to the vaccine, so that there are no ‘whims’ in choosing the most famous dose.” Bergoglio, a dilettante in relation to medicine, confidently imposes a suicidal way of thinking, namely that everyone must take the vaccine, and the only problem is “whims in choosing the most famous dose”. He gives the impression that the mRNA vaccine is absolutely effective and harmless. But the opposite is true! A well-known American doctor of Jewish origin has warned Israel that within two or three years mass deaths will occur as a result of the current experimental vaccination! Bergoglio, however, is not interested in well-known facts; he acts like a madman who risks everything. In this situation, he might fear that he would be morally discredited. Even that does not stop him. He cynically continues abusing church authority and so-called obedience, and he knows that when it is revealed what he caused by the devious imposition of vaccination, it will be too late, since the catastrophic consequences will be irreversible. Bergoglio’s work is overt Satanism. And this man is now launching the so-called Synod on Synodality under a canopy of manipulative terms, thus covering up a precisely elaborated plan for the destruction of the Church. He himself admits in the text that he is able to enforce what even the UN cannot do: “A Synodal Church is a prophetic sign above all for a community of nations (UN) incapable of proposing a shared project, through which to pursue the good of all (in fact evil).” Bergoglio appears as the false apocalyptic prophet (Rev 19:20), coming up with a specific project of reductive globalization which even the United Nations has not been able to enforce.

Quote from the document: “Listening ‘without prejudice’. Speaking out ‘with courage and parrhesia’.”

Commentary: Bergoglio and the secretariat appointed by him will not listen to anyone, following his example, because, as stated in the document, “there is, at the basis of participation in every synodal process” certainly “not the representation of conflicting interests”. It is clear what Bergoglio’s interests are; everything is predetermined, and he just puts on a show of listening, transparency, and consulting the People of God.

Quote: “Dialogue with the Church, society and other Christian denominations.”

Commentary: There is no dialogue, but only a monologue on the part of Bergoglio. To this day, he has responded neither to the Dubia of the four cardinals (2016), nor to the Filial Correction issued by several dozen theologians and prominent church figures. When publicly asked by Archbishop C. M. Viganò about covering up McCarrick’s crimes (2018), he did not answer for a whole year. When he did answer a year later, he was convicted of lying. This is Bergoglio’s dialogue, listening and consulting. When a Chinese cardinal arrived for an audience in order to discuss a serious problem concerning the Church, he waited in line in the square for several hours in the cold, but Bergoglio eventually refused him an audience. This is listening without prejudice!

Quote: “The Vademecum is conceived as ‘a manual’ that offers ‘practical support’ to diocesan leaders to prepare the People of God.”

Commentary: In his plan for the self-destruction of the Church, Bergoglio abuses authority in the Church to the maximum not merely by philosophizing but by practically destroying and ruining it. The manual is not about theory; it is a practical guide on how to proceed in deviously and consistently destroying the Church.

Quote: “It includes examples from recent synod exercises and a glossary of terms from the synod process.”

Commentary: Let us recall recent synod exercises. The Amazon Synod presented not only stupidity but also apostasy to idolatry and occultism. The Synod on Youth cleverly inserted the term LGBT etc. into Church documents. All Bergoglio’s synod exercises were destructive in nature and are now to form the basis of the synod process! That is why Bergoglio needs a manipulative glossary in order to disguise all these crimes and intrigues with positive terms, and to train diocesan leaders in these wicked practices.

Quote: “…walking together that allows the Church to announce the Gospel in accordance with the mission entrusted to it.”

Commentary: Bergoglio’s walking together does not mean walking the narrow path with Christ to eternal life, but rather walking the broad path to eternal destruction.

Bergoglio does not announce the Gospel but an antigospel, for which he has been placed under a curse and excommunication from the Church (Gal 1:8-9). The Gospel that leads to salvation is associated with true conversion and the following of Christ. Bergoglio totally rejects Jesus Christ and His teachings, and deceives the Catholic public with pious phrases.

Quote: “We must also consider the relationships and possible joint initiatives with other religions, with people far from the faith, with the world of politics, culture, finance, work, unions and minorities.”

Commentary: The Church is currently in an internal crisis because the pillars of truth have been replaced by heresies and moral laws by the privileging of amorality. The Spirit of truth has been exchanged for the spirit of the world. The most vital thing for the Church is to be truly restored through repentance, and to return to the healthy biblical roots and Tradition. Bergoglio promotes false restoration without repentance, without conversion to God, and instead of returning to the healthy roots he returns to the roots of idolatrous paganism.

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops