UK Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are rapidly developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

The eight previous Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ reports on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79 year olds have now lost lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 4-5% every week (between 3.7% and 7.9%).

Projections also now show that 30-49 year olds will have zero Covid / viral defence at best, or a form of vaccine mediated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at worst, by the first week in January and all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system which deals with Covid-19 in the next 18 weeks.

By a concerned reader

The Vaccine Surveillance reports published by the UK Health Security Agency (previously Public Health England) of all fully genome sequenced UK Delta Covid-19 cases (mainly using a genome identifying PCR test), clearly show the progressive damage that the vaccines are doing to the immune response of the fully vaccinated.

Here is the weekly decline in double vaccinated immune system performance compared to unvaccinated people.

Vaccine efficacy is measured using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula…

Unvaccinated case rate per 100k – Fully Vaccinated case rate per 100k / the Larger of Unvaccinated or Vaccinated case rate

We are using the normalised absolute ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated case numbers to determine vaccine effectiveness just as Pfizer itself does.

A vaccine effectivenessof +50% means that double vaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than unvaccinated people. It means that the Delta case rate in the vaccinated is half the delta case rate in the unvaccinated.

A Vaccine efficacy of -50% means that unvaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than doubly vaccinated people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaccinated is double the Delta case rate in the unvaccinated.

A Vaccine efficacy of 0% means that doubly vaccinated people are 0% more protected from Covid than unvaccinated people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaccinated equals the Delta case rate in the unvaccinated. It means the vaccines have lost all their effectiveness.

These new figures show a slowing down in degradation last week which is good news. But they also show children are beginning to suffer immune system degradation which is despicable news. Their figures went up due to more and more 12-15 year olds being included in the cohort since Chris Whitty overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. They have now just about finished being included. So the slow degradation can now begin to be seen.

At the other end of the age scale, the 80+ group saw a major improvement, due to the boosters which will buy them a couple of months of improved Covid immunity which will hide the continuing gradual immune system degradation. These boosters are the same as the original vaccinations (because no other shot has yet been approved).

So the worry is that whilst Covid-19 immunity may be improved for a couple of months, their general immunity will begin to degrade even faster than it would have done had the booster not been taken. We shall see if that turns out to be the case from future data.

The 70-79 year olds are also seeing a slow down in apparent degradation due to the boosters improving their Covid response. It may also be the case that other age group are already taking boosters. There is no shortage of places who will vaccinate people on demand without offering the necessary information for giving an informed consent. The latest clinical information from Dr Richard Fleming detailed below is terminal for vaccines and boosters.

The risk benefit analysis for these vaccines has now become a risk detriment analysis for everyone over 30.

Latest Projections

Everybody over 30 will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (certainly for Covid and most likely for viruses and certain cancers – following the evidence from Cole Diagnostics in Idaho and Dr Nathan Thompson and Dr Ralph Baric) within 18 weeks.

Fully vaccinated 30-49 year olds will have lost it by the 1st week in January. These people will then have no immune defence against Covid-19 at all. The question then becomes how much of the immune system is involved in defending against Covid-19? The worst case scenario is that they effectively develop full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and destroy the NHS.

“In individuals aged greater than 30, the rate of positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated”. – PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report for week 41.

“There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,” says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses—named for the crown-shaped spike they use to enter human cells—at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.

Baric expresses his concern about what that might mean for use of a COVID-19 vaccine in elderly people. “Of course, the elderly are our most vulnerable population,” he adds. –  (the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA)

The underlined passage (which has been redacted from the online PNAS report – but is in many other online copies – is critical as it relates to an immune deficiency in killer T cells.

This was seen by Dr Ryan Cole who has done over 100,000 pathology lab examinations from Covid patients. He identified it as a form of AIDS (reverse HIV he called it – where you lose CD8 killer T cells rather than CD4 Helper T cells). Ralph Baric should know. In 2002 on April 19, the University of North Carolina filed US patent 7279327 for an infectious replication defective coronavirus (to be used as a virus vector for an HIV vaccine), claiming priority from US28531801P. Inventors were: Kristopher M. Curtis, Boyd Yount, Ralph S. Baric

These immune system degradations could be caused by ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement – where the vaccine induced antibodies start working in reverse) and be specific to Covid, or could be more general and result in a form of vaccine mediated AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Baric suspects the latter above.

The fact that the 3rd Jabs worked in Israel (for a short period of time before the 4th jabs were proposed) means that vaccine antibodies do still have a protective effect immediately after vaccination. So that may rule out ADE. The latest figures suggest that boosters are working, in the short term for 70-79-year-olds and 8the 80+.

The falling efficacy of the vaccines does not asymptotically approach zero (which would mean that vaccines merely lose effectiveness over time). It goes straight through zero and then goes dangerously negative (which means the vaccines become toxic to the immune system). Then it goes more negative in a linear manner week on week. If this continues then the vaccines will completely destroy the part of your immune system which deals with Covid by the end of January.

This may well result in more cases of Shingles, HPV, Herpes, Epstein Barr, Endometriosis and other viral infections –

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – There have been case studies showing people are experiencing recurrences or outbreaks of shingles after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Local doctors say that is rare and not necessarily caused by the vaccine.
“I’ve seen a lot of shingles recently, but I haven’t seen it associated with the vaccine personally. That’s my personal experience,” Dr. Jennifer Derby, a family physician with Sentara RMH, said. (2021October15)

Tables 2 and 5: COVID-19 cases by vaccination status

The immune system boost or degradation column, which is the vaccine efficiency/inefficiency column, column10, is calculated from Pfizer’s vaccine efficiency formula of –

U-V/U for U>V and U-V/V for V>U

This is the formula they used to claim 95% vaccine efficiency against Wuhan alpha.

For previous versions of Table 2 from Week 32 onwards see here.

Cases reported by specimen date between week 37 & 40 2021 –

Cases reported by specimen date between week 38 & 41 2021 –

Cases reported by specimen date between week 39 & 42 2021 –

Choosing your formula…

The Immune System boost/degradation column is a measure of the boost or damage to your immune system – see report
The Vaccine Effectiveness % for double vaccinated column shows how much more or less resistant to Covid the double vaccinated are than the unvaccinated – see report

So if you are 40 years old and double vaxxed then your immune response is now degraded by 56.9%.  This means that unvaccinated 40 year olds are 56.9% less likely to catch covid than the fully vaccinated, and the fully vaccinated 40 year olds are 131.9% more likely to catch covid than the unvaccinated.

You can look at it either way. It just depends whether your chosen parameter is the double vaccinated or the unvaccinated. But whichever one you choose, the outlook this winter for those who have been fully vaccinated with the experimental Covid-19 injections looks terrible.

PHE death rates verses ONS death rates

There is a massive immunological contradiction between the PHE case rates which crudely speaking now show that the vaccinated are twice as likely to be infected as unvaccinated whereas the PHE death rates show that the unvaccinated are 3 to 6 times more likely to die than the vaccinated.

The contradiction arises because the immunological functionality of the vaccines is merely to increase or decrease the viral load, but we now know that the viral loads are the same in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated (see here).

This was also confirmed by Dr Fauci earlier this year –

“What we learned that’s new … is that when you look at the level of virus in the nasopharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasopharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected,” Fauci said in an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. The nasopharynx is part of the nasal cavity near the back of the throat

Furthermore it is known that the vaccines have been becoming progressively less effective/more damaging since then. So what is happening with case numbers should also be occurring with deaths unless the vaccines only kick in at near lethal viral loads. But that is nonsense because they merely train the immune system to recognise a new antigen. They should be altering the manner in which it responds upon recognition. Vaccines do not do that.

Although of course these gene therapies are a lot more than vaccines. So from Fauci’s own mouth the death should be following the case numbers not going in the other direction. Fortunately the ONS (Office of National Statistics) produce overall mortality figures and Profs Norman Fenton and Martin Neil of Queen Mary College University of London have analysed these as follows –

Week 26 was 2021 June 28th -July 4th. Below is the mortality rate for those who had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine for the first half of 2021 –

Since 19th March the double dose vaccination mortality rate has increased week-on-week more or less consistently. – Prof Norman Fenton –

So the ONS death rates as analysed by Prof Fenton are consistent with the PHE case rates as analysed in the article. The PHE death rates are not credible. So the ONS death rates show the same linear increase as the PHE case numbers are showing. That makes a lot more sense immunologically.

The effect of the Pfizer Vaccine on the blood

Dr Richard Fleming teamed up with Prof Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel prize for discovering HIV, and filed a case in the Hague along with Holocaust survivors on breaches of the Nuremberg Code by Government worldwide forcing vaccines on their citizens (see here).

Then he had the simple idea (which no one else appears to have thought of) to look at blood samples under the microscope and then add the Pfizer Vaccine.

The vaccine destroys all the Haemoglobin in the blood and makes the red cells stick together and form clots. It is amazing – the blood just stops being red. That is why people cannot breathe. Watch minute 9 to minute 20 of this video and you will see precisely what the vaccines do to human blood.

When you are jabbed, the vaccine goes into your deltoid muscle hopefully (they are supposed to withdraw the plunger slightly to make sure they have not hit a blood vessel – but they are not generally doing that now). If it hits a blood vessel then what you see in the video happens immediately

If the jab does hit the muscle then the above happens more slowly.

The lighter areas on the left and right pictures are where a drop of the Pfizer vaccine has hit the blood on the 40x microscope slide. You can see that the red colour is missing from the red cells in the vaccine droplet areas. This is the destruction of your haemoglobin by the vaccine. It occurs within seconds according to the video.

If you have no haemoglobin, then your blood cannot carry any oxygen to your tissues and your breathing fails. The video also show that the haemoglobin depleted red blood cells start to stick together. They start to clot within minutes of the vaccine mixing with the blood, destroying the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.


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