2 Responses to “THIS GENTLEMAN SMASHES IT!!!!👏”

  1. ian says:

    The laws are made by them to be used by them as they please. Currently Covid demos are bad, BLM is good. Both Covid and BLM are attacking the enemy, us.

    For an example of how the law works, phone the cops and say that your house has been broken into, and that they ripped up your photos. They’ll come the next day unless they’re busy, and tell you to get in touch with your insurance, and change your locks. They’ll tell you that you are unlikely to get your stuff back.

    Next go to the pub and make a remark to someone with a crutch, who walks fine but has never worked in their life, or call someone a derogatory name for a chosen gender that they’ve decided to be.
    Your feet won’t touch for offending these people. You’ll be in real trouble with a possible prison sentence.

    That’s how the law works. Don’t expect anything else.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yawn… 🥱
    Yes he certainly does smash it to smithereens, but as always: preaching to the choir. Why tell us? we all know and of course, agree with everything he so clearly and accurately explained.
    What he and all of us really need to work on is the dilemma, of the solution to the yet unsolved puzzle of how to convey his vital message out to those who NEED TO hear it and to accept its undeniable implications and the horrible reality they face, if they don’t wake up right NOW and STOP COMPLYING with ALL of their evil, anti-humanity diktats, en masse.