2 Responses to “The Lovely Kathy Hochul.”

  1. David 2 says:


    This political creature is lying. The chain around her neck actually spells vaxed not vaxxed or vaccinated. Could the God of lies she serves be Lucifer?

    She even refers to the vaccinated as apostles who need to spread the message. Does that sound familiar to you? Most of my vaccinated friends and vaccinated children want me to join the vaxxed cult.

    One of the key ingredients in the DNA gene editing or GMO injection is called Luciferase!

    I say no to Da Vaccine!!!

    • ian says:

      Don’t worry David I know she’s lying. I posted it as black humour. I believe too, that she is Jewish. I know very little about Jewish ordinary people, but, if Sarah Silverman is anything to go by, they don’t like Jesus. We must get to know one another better D2. I posted it for light relief.