The Killing Fields

I have stated it before and will continue to do so: we are at war and it is one being waged at needlepoint. It is breaking out everywhere and for those who take part in sports (at all levels), the killing fields are the track and field on which they participate.

Myocarditis Caused by Graphene Oxide in Mag-Jab

I previously wrote about how there is an increasing number of footballers who are experiencing heart-attacks whilst on the field of play.

Since its publication, cardiac arrests have been suffered by an increasing number of footballers and other professional sportsmen.


Similarly, there has been a series of mainstream media reports of celebrities/media personalities passing away “after a short illness”, usually after they have been jib-jabbed. In other words, there is a cover-up going on of the harm and death caused by the vile vials being pumped into people’s arms.


The self-evident link between the mag-jab and the premature deaths of those people is being suppressed at all costs.


Source: Jonny Mag-Jab Confesses his Culpability in Mass Murder

In the following video, Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Sevillano of Orwell City run through the evidence and posit an explanation as to what is happening in the bodies of those athletes that have been mag-jabbed and are dying in the killing fields in increasing numbers.

Ricardo Delgado: Let’s see, precisely, how the sport and the vaccine interact. José Luis, do you recall that yesterday we read a scientific article that described how the cardiac cells could be modulated or stimulated remotely and wirelessly through photons and electromagnetic fields so that the pulse could be increased or decreased by three and so on by using the fashionable material called Graphene? Graphene oxide.


What we’re seeing is that people who practice sports with a certain frequency —even athletes—, are losing their lives and becoming seriously ill. We have prepared a brief report on the topic. We’re going to show it now.


Intro: Deaths and serious conditions in athletes caused by the “vaccine.” Graphene inside the body kills.




  1. I was vaccinated at 13:00, died at midnight’: an athlete died after vaccination in Yaroslavl region. 
  2. He gets vaccinated and goes to Spain: gym instructor dies of a heart attack. 
  3. Marathon runner Alexaida Guédez dies of a heart attack. 
  4. Tragic death of Carabobo runner Alexaida Guédez shocks the sports world. 
  5. Pedro Obiang: 29-year-old professional soccer player suffers from myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccines, possible career end. 
  6. Cyclist dies of a heart attack while cycling in Fuerteventura. 
  7. MLK Trail runner saves life after heart attack in the middle of race. 
  8. He worked at Bayern. The drama of the all-time leading scorer at World Cups. Miroslav Klose suffers a thrombosis and will no longer be able to manage. 
  9. A volleyball player claims that the vaccine has caused her heart problems. 
  10. Track star Cameron Burrell, godson of Carl Lewis dies tragically at age 26. 
  11. Italy: Obiang suffers from myocarditis after vaccination, will only be able to play for 6 months. 
  12. A 46-year-old participant in a triathlon in Palomera died. 
  13. Kingsley Coman underwent surgery for a heart problem. 
  14. Marílio Costa Leite (46 years old) died after taking Pfizer vax. 
  15. Robert Lima died of cardiac arrest while playing soccer with friends. Australian swimming gold medalist
  16. Madison Wilson 27, has been admitted to hospital ICU unable to breath despite being fully vaccinated. 

Of course, the whoring press-ti-tutes, the complicit medical professionals and associated mealy-mouthed apologists for the Big-Pharma slaughter repeatedly lie when they state that all of this is a mere coincidence, or that it was the Convid that killed them and that there is no link between the mag-jab and the increasing numbers of deaths occurring in the killing fields of sport.

However, the tipping point is coming and each and everyone of the mag-jab apologists, whatever job they may be doing, will shortly become reviled. I don’t use that term lightly – when sufficient numbers of people realise exactly what has been done to them, their relatives and friends and how the liars have not only pushed the vile vials but also covered up the associated deaths and adverse reactions to the clot-shot, those who have propagated the propaganda will be targeted as the murderous traitors they are.

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The Killing Fields